All about Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Edge, the Next Generation Browser

All about Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Edge, the Next Generation Browser - -
All about Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Edge, the Next Generation Browser - -

One of the most anticipated releases of Windows 10 is  the new Microsoft browser Edge, which eventually intended to replace Internet Explorer. It is important to clarify this, because many users have assumed that with the release of Edge, Internet Explorer has disappeared from Windows 10.  Not so.  Internet Explorer 11 continues to exist as an independent browser in  Windows 10, fully operational, if any web or service does not work very well with Edge. Simply type in the Internet Explorer browser and displayed.

Microsoft Edge  even can use the rendering engine of Internet Explorer web pages to ensure maximum compatibility without having to use two browsers at once.

Edge includes a lot of news when navigating a web page.


Not Internet Explorer

It should be clear from the beginning that  Microsoft Edge  is the new version of Explorer. It is a completely new browser created from scratch, with a new rendering engine web pages, and support for new technologies like  HTTP Strict Transport Security,  which allows web developers to create more robust and secure pages.

Edge is also designed to be compatible with the websites created for Safari and Chrome, something we missed a bit Explorer. Uses the new engine  EdgeHTML, which in turn is based on  Trident,  also used by Internet Explorer.

What catches the attention of  Edge  is precisely what is not Internet Explorer. It is lightweight, loads quickly, and has  a spartan, minimalist interface  where they have gone all the toolbars, panels and menus made of Explorer so heavy to handle. Now we understand why its code name was  Project Spartan.

It also charges the sites a breeze, even more than Chrome and Firefox, at least in our experience of use.

Of course, we see that things are polishing, especially on issues of  compatibility, since some complex sites do not display correctly. Those using Silverlight, which is a proprietary technology of Microsoft, you should open them in Internet Explorer. The browser includes an option to  open a Web in Explorer :

It also gives some problems (although it works perfectly) with Google Docs, and seamlessly integrates the Web version of Office.

Edge  incorporates Adobe Flash in your code. Microsoft says it has worked with Adobe to ensure safety, so it’s compatible with all pages using this multimedia standard.

Speaking of safety, Edge also introduces new technology  SmartScreen, which combats phishing  (fake websites that pose as others) by reputation checks, blocking those identified as phishing. This protection of important safety, especially with inexperienced users or family computers, but obviously  at the expense of Microsoft check the websites that you visit.  You can adjust the privacy settings SmartScreen to make you feel at ease in the configuration  of  Edge.

Another exclusives Edge is  the integration of Cortana. The wizard integrates voice searches and you can  call  when you need. Simply select some text and press the right button to select the option  Ask Cortana. The wizard will respond within the browser itself, without having to leave the web:

In the American version Cortana can review a website and find information, phone numbers, maps and reservations in more than 150,000 restaurants and other places. Gradually will incorporate this function in other countries.

Naturally, all default searches are performed using  Bing,  the Microsoft search engine. It is able to answer questions like  What time is it?  or find the solution of mathematical equations.

If desired,  you can disable Adobe Flash, integrating Bing Cortana or change for Google or another search engine  in the Advanced Settings. Cortana disable or Adoble Flash is as simple as pressing a button, but strangely  clear Bing is much more complicated. You must do the following:

  • Load in the browser search engine you want to use. This step is important, if not enter the web will not do
  • Access the  Configuration  of  Edge  menu in the upper right corner, and then Advanced View Settings
  • In box  Search the address bar , open the pop-up menu, select  Add New
  • You will see the search engine you’ve chosen appears. Select to use default

Of course, it includes an option to  save your favorite websites.  You can also import bookmarks from Internet Explorer.

They miss options that today are common in competition, such as the ability to synchronize between devices webs, customize and set tabs, drag files into the webmail, etc. But we’re talking about the first final version of a new browser, so sure Microsoft will include them in future updates.

Reading View

One of the most interesting news from  Microsoft Edge  is the  view of Reading, a new way to browse Web pages that removes banners, menus, bars and other decorations to show just the text, photos and videos. It’s like reading a book or magazine:

But be careful because  this view of reading not work well at all.  In some sites  also deletes text and videos that are part of the article, so you can miss important information. Luckily, you can turn on or off with a click.

Microsoft Edge  also lets you  save websites for later reading them, which is something independent of the favorite websites. If a page you’re interested in but do not have time to review it, touch the icon with star-shaped and you can save on a reading list to access it later. Just do not work offline.

Painting webs

Also new is the option  Create a web Note. Some simple tools  Pencil, Eraser Pen and  serve to draw or write with your mouse or finger (if you have a touch screen) on the website. Also as write notes on the keyboard. It is even possible to select only a part of the web. After the guards in OneNote or in your list of sites, or share by email or social networks: [All about Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Edge, the Next Generation Browser]


It is an option designed for tablets, but can also be useful for students, web developers or people working on a joint project.


To be fair, Microsoft Edge does nothing new: the read view is similar to that of  Safari  on OS X, you can save websites for later reading on other browsers with accessories like Pocket  or  Instapaper, and there are supplements Chrome or Firefox to paint on a web. The advantage of  Edge  is that it integrates by default.

Its main drawback is that  no extensions or add-ons, so you can not use the thousands of existing applications for Chrome and Firefox, with features considered essential today as intrusive advertising blockers or download managers.  Nor can sync your favorite sites between different devices.

Microsoft has announced that the synchronization is available when Windows 10 debuts for smartphones, and the extensions come in the autumn, which will be similar to Chrome.

Edge worth if you want a minimalist browser, which starts very fast, not distracting websites and displays on screen at high speed. Also, if you visit pages with lots of text, to leverage your view of reading, knowing that this mode gives texts and video errors and eat.

But if you visit often complex webs or use many ins and extensions, you must wait for Edge improves compatibility and incorporates the above-ins, in the fall.

In any case, considering that this is a first version,  Microsoft Edge  is certainly a great browser  and in a few months will stand up in all fronts,  Chrome and Firefox.