Amazon Publishes Some Surprising Gains - Amazon Incomes -
Amazon Publishes Some Surprising Gains - Amazon Incomes -

The Seattle-based company reported a profit that has surprised investors of $ 92 million compared with a loss of $ 126 million in the same quarter last year. The sales grew by 20% up to 23,180 million dollars.

Earnings surprised by the previous tax year reflected strong investments in business and services. Amazon seeks to encourage the sale of its plans with Amazon Prime increasing benefits. Shipping highlighting their plans on the same day in some regions.

Jeff Bezos is pushing the company he founded two decades beyond book sales or consumer electronics. Amazon is getting bigger and more competitive ?. It has grown from a small online retailer to be bigger than Walmart :


The division of cloud computing Amazon (AWS), which provides data storage and computer services Web whose clients include Netflix Inc. among others, earned sales of $ 1,820 million, an increase of 81 percent the previous year. It is one of the main keys to business to Amazon.

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