Analysis of Forza Motorsport 6. The ultimate driving game

Analysis of Forza Motorsport 6. The ultimate driving game -
Analysis of Forza Motorsport 6. The ultimate driving game -

Ten years of evolution in the shadow of another name have cost the ‘Forza’ saga of Turn 10 Studiosinattention that continue after the release of ‘Forza Motorsport 6’, begin to be insulting. By the number of options, technical quality and driving gameplay on consoles it has a clear opponent to beat, and is on Xbox One.

Perhaps the release of the fifth installment hasty leave us wanting more, feeling that the evolutionary leap should be much higher, but now the team moves over Dan Greenawalt delivering those ghosts which, undoubtedly, is the experience ‘Forza’ final. You can be a fan of cars and, in turn, more or less a fan of this series, but we do not support ‘Forza Motorsport 6’ in any case it is indifference.

Forza 6: speed, rain and 60 fps

Microsoft franchise should see the wolf ears when fever ‘Project CARS’ began to emerge, but luckily for them, chaotic design menus between a career mode with a confusing progression and a technical finish to the point petardeaba making it impossible to take curves with ease at launch, they opened the door to the possibility that ‘Forza 6’ could take advantage of the slipstream. And what if he has done.

Enter through the front door precisely where its direct rival (for lack of a ‘Gran Turismo’ we do not know if it will come sooner or later) stumbled in its early days, keeping an insane technical quality in which 24 vehicles per race and different weather conditions They are anchored to the 60 frames per second without breaking a sweat and offering a sense of speed that you laugh memories ‘Rollcage’.

It is a pity that in this quest by trying to match and surpass the rest of franchises console has fallen by the wayside the weather variable, contributing more than strategy runs a point, now they put us on the ropes with wear tires and fuel consumption closer shave.

A lesser evil given that the main premise of the arrival of the wet races, spectacular, on the other hand, is the inclusion of aquaplaning with small and large puddles on the track we will find and be able to make us completely lose control of if you do not release the vehicle accelerator head.

Analysis of Forza Motorsport 6. The ultimate driving game -

Luckily they are realistic and always appear in the same areas, in those sections of the circuit where the uneven surface are less attenuated and can become deadly water traps for fans of easy pedal.Running activated in these conditions without aid and not end up in a multiple car accident with multiple dumps is practically impossible, at least for those who in this virtual marquise cars suffer more than we’d like.




The best way race gender

I can not help but fall at the feet of the career mode design of this ‘Forza 6’ because I got in this issue I think masterful. Not only takes the best from other installments of the saga, also appreciates what others have done well to try to capture it with an improved version.

Thus, test jumping test with a freedom that is greatly appreciated, we will run our utility shy and quiet to ride a beast capable of exceeding 300 km / h in a matter of minutes thanks to the arrival of the special events They are trying to give us a review of the history of the motor.

The variety introduced in races with this system, abandoning the idea of taking a car and leave your ass glued to your seat for the next five hours, I think a tremendous success which, to Caesar what is Caesar’s, it seems that ‘ Project Cars’ may have had something to do. Of course, this walk through history is not the same as making a voice accompanied by any team that Top Gear, returning with renewed strength after passing through the previous delivery.

Analysis of Forza Motorsport 6. The ultimate driving game -

Ahead we have an insane amount of hours that 460 cars and 26 circuits with different layouts ensure that in multiplayer or solo, we ‘Forza 6’ for a long time. Microsoft talks about 70 hours that I could see, but not one of those able to make statements eyebrow arching. They are 70 or 50 are, here are asphalt bored.




The League of stars

The sum of the 24 vehicles on the track is spectacular hand of Drivatar in solo mode, but where they extract their full potential is the online multiplayer. The bad side of this challenge is having to face players who can break you in terms of set-up with very similar vehicles, but the arrival of downloading configurations is a bonanza for less experienced in that fiddling with the guts of the car.

It’s one of those things that always are in the pipeline to mention the ‘Forza’ saga, and are one of the most complete that we can find in the genre, far from staying on the basics with changes 1-10, here metric values that could be thrown any mechanical engineer working hours are offered.

Fortunately in this delivery is put at our disposal a league mode where the matchmaking is much fairer to our abilities. It is not something that we could prove too deeply due to lack of players during the pre-launch, but it is undeniable that the idea is very promising.

Best of all is that promise players union not only focused on the level of driving , also intemperament extracted Drivatar to play the way they think tank flattening everything befor crossing with pilots of his ilk. The trolls, come on.

If you want to enjoy the best and do not look strong enough to be able to face them, so there’s the viewer to plantar panatelas beer in hand and see how a test of IndyCar becomes a festival of overtaking and brutal accidents, or if you prefer to bring your expertise to the next level to show the world your expertise through the broadcasts.




Forza 6: the ultimate driving game

A basic aspects such as aid in driving or customized adjustment, which will be reflected not only in gameplay, also visually how they react in the cushions of your pianos Ariel Atom, for instance, adds the idea here attempting to approach the concept of race team hand envelopes with letters .

In them, you acquirable only with money you’re winning at the races (someone has left chastened micropayments) get enhancements single-use or permanent that go from increases experienced driver or manufacturer to the possibility of having a mechanic We always offer a better grip on a particular circuit.

We have three slots for these cards will go collecting and we can always change between each other based on the evidence before us, or let the machine take care of buy and place cards for us to blow button, or forget all of them and stick to the basic experience.

With all the gameplay, those infinite menu settings in the configuration of other users uploaded to the network can assume the lives of the less skilled, graphics of infarction and a catalog of cars and vehicles that sweeps over other deliveries saga, I see no reason why enthusiasts are no longer salivating with the game and the opponents do not give the evidence: ‘Forza Motorsport 6’ is the racing game that every fan of driving should be.




Forza Motorsport 6 – Xbox One


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