Android for Work, The Google Enterprise Solution Now Available - -
Android for Work, The Google Enterprise Solution Now Available - -

It’s here, one of the most anticipated by business developments. This is the official launch of Android for Work, the solution for companies with which Google wants to conquer its Android operating system in the enterprise market.

Android for Work is a BYOD solution (“Bring your own device, which allow workers to safely use their own Android devices as well as mobile business, separating the personal data the professionals.

Android for Work, The Google Enterprise Solution Now Available - -


Android for Work, four key technology components:

Android for Work permit work safely, guaranteeing greater security and giving full control of the data to businesses, which will have full control and access job profile to be created on mobile devices to their employees. Android for Work identified with a badge applications are from companies. These are the four key technology components:

  • Job profiles: a profile of skilled labor that isolates and protects labor information will be created.Users can use applications work with their personal applications, being the only company which manages employment data. By default, all data will be encrypted.
  • Android application for Work: Devices with lower Lollipop versions will be able to use Android for Work application to create your job profile that offers secure mail, calendars, contacts, documents, navigation and access to work applications approved by the department IT business.
  • Google Play for Work: Allows companies to manage applications through Google Play for work can download their employees from their job profile.
  • Productivity tools built: They have created a set of business apps for email, contacts and calendars that offer support to Exchange and Notes, and edit documents through the Documents, Spreadsheets, and Google Presentations applications.


Android for Work has been possible thanks to the partners who joined with Google to give greater security to Android devices in the enterprise. Some of the partners are:

Android for Work, The Google Enterprise Solution Now Available - -

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