Is anyone connected to my WiFi? How to check it without a computer | 4 Apps


We are sure that on more than one occasion you will have noticed that there are some intruders connected in your WiFi network. In order to avoid this type of situation, it is interesting to modify the configuration of the router to increase its security. In addition, it is advisable to use applications to scan our network. Next, we leave four of the most interesting, able to show all the details of the devices connected to your WiFi network.

FingiOS | Android

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Fing is one of the most popular applications of this type. As you can see in the image, the app shows us all kinds of information of interest in our wireless network, such as the name, IP or Mac address of the connected devices at any given time. Fing has other useful functions, such as the ability to perform advanced NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP and Bonjour name scans or open ports scanning. Totally recommended.

Network Scanner | Android

Another alternative that we can use to scan our network is Network Scanner, compatible with Android devices. Like the previous option, Network Scanner shows us all the devices connected to our network, which can be useful in finding out if there are any intruders. In addition, we can also use the application to keep track of open ports. No doubt this is an interesting option.

INet – Network Scanner | IOS

Compatible with iOS devices, the application offers a simple and intuitive operation. In fact, at a glance, we can check each and every device connected to our network, as well as information about your IP address, Mac address or Bonjour services. Although the application is completely free, it is necessary to pay if we want to use the Pro version.

Net Scan | Android

Net Scan | Android

We end the list with Net Scan, an option that many Android users will find interesting. Available free of charge and without ads, the application stands out for an interface based on the nocturnal mode of use. Like all other alternatives, the objective of the app is to help us identify security holes in our network. Undoubtedly, this is another option to take very into account.