App: Free VPN for iPhone or iPad

Free VPN for iPhone or iPad

If you are looking for an App that offers a free VPN connection for iPhone or iPad, that works with iOS 9 and does not affect the speed of your connection too much, this could be your best solution.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider using a VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad, even more so even though payment options exist, we have a variety of alternatives.

If you are accustomed to using public WiFi networks, or you are outside the United States and want to access services like Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, among others; Or you would like to access a larger catalog of Netflix, or do not want to while you download a torrent your service provider can easily detect, with this application you can have a free VPN for iPhone or iPad in iOS 9 and above without problems.

Free VPN for iPhone or iPad on iOS 9

The application that this opportunity I recommend to use a free VPN network for iPhone or iPad unlimited is Betternet . It is an App quite simple to use, the configuration does not require more procedures and works perfectly without affecting too much our Internet connection.


Configure VPN for iPhone for free

The configuration of this VPN for iPhone is so simple that it does not really require any configuration in the settings of your iPhone or iPad as it usually happens if you are connecting from the virtual private network of your company or because you paid for a service.

With Betternet only need to download the App from the App Store wait for it to be installed follow the steps, finally we will be asked to install the profile and thus not having to enter any type of IP or passwords.

After following the steps just click on the “Connect” button and a few seconds later we will have our free VPN connection activated on the iPhone or iPad in an unlimited way.

How Betternet works

It has a paid version and a free version, in both versions try to offer the best possible connection because when you hit the “connect” button, they try to find the server closer so that there is not too much delay.

In most cases they will use servers from the United States because it is the locality where more to be provide entertainment services.

The difference of the version of payment is that it does not count on advertising within the App that is presented with videos or with suggestion of applications. Of course, on most occasions offers the possibility of skip advertising, we just have to read.

Speed ​​Testing

With LTE


With WiFi