Apple’s Financial Results For The Third Quarter Of Fiscal Year (Q3 FY15) | Apple Income Report


Apple just released financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 (Q3 2015) with revenues of 49.6 billion dollars and a profit of 10.7 billion dollars with sales of 47 million iPhones, 10.9 million iPads and 4.7 million Macs. Here is how the report came.

Perhaps one of the most interesting in recent years by the inclusion of a new category of product, the financial results of Apple Apple Watch , finally includes the internationalization of the device beyond the first launch countries. Although the inclusion of Apple’s smart watch is a good place to see the evolution of sales of the company, Apple CEO himself has warned in the previous conference that the company would refrain, at least for now, to give clear numbers their latest device, relegating him to the category other / accessories to control the flow of information to the competition.

As usual, Apple has shown a record results for the second quarter , a slightly more difficult time than other exercises that include seasonal changes in sales as Black Friday or the Christmas season and, although the numbers are not as big as the mentioned periods, the company numbers remain staggering.

“In the third quarter our growth rate year after year accelerated from the first half of fiscal 2015, with revenues up 33 percent and earnings per share up to 45 percent higher. We have created a Operating cash flow of $ 15 billion, and we returned over $ 13 billion to shareholders through our capital return program “- Luca Maestri, Apple CFO

In this regard, the company has received revenues of 49.6 billion dollars in revenue with a net profit of 10.7 billion equivalent to $ 1.28 per diluted sharebenefit dollars.Some interesting numbers when compared with the results of the same period last year, to 37.43 billion in revenue and a net profit of 7.7 billion, and reference data which is once again a record for the company YoY, which continues to gain quarter-on-quarter compared to year differential.


Apple: Income / Benefits Q3 FY15

revenue and profit of the third quarter of fiscal year, years 2010-2015 (in billions)



Apple: Gross / EPS Margin (Q3 FY15)


Regarding sales devices, the company has sold 47 million iPhones, 35% more than the same period last year YoY , 10.9 million iPads, which, as we see, are still at the incredible figures of exercises before showing signs of exhaustion that are expected to be reversed with the release of iOS 9 and 4.7 million Macs, which remain healthy while maintaining positive annual data. A fall showing 18% yoy for the iPad , which continues to decline slowly, and an increase of about 9% for Macs at a time in which PC sales continue to stagnate.

An interesting point is that the “other” category, which includes the Apple Watch, has grown 1 billion from the previous quarter, driven by the launch of Watch, but without knowing the nominal distribution of products is very difficult to determine exactly income coming only from the Watch.


Apple device Q3 FY15 Sales

Distribution of the number of devices sold by category in the third quarter of fiscal year (evolution 2010-2015)

“We had an incredible quarter, with revenues iPhone up to 59 percent over last year, strong sales of Mac, the greatest of all time in service revenue record, driven by the App Store, with a great start to the Apple Watch “- Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

As a summary of all the data presented in the press conference financial results for this quarter Apple Q3 2015:

  • Cash flow of $ 13 billion.
  • Revenue of 49.6 billion dollars , 10.7 billion dollars in profits.
  • iPhone: 47 million units sold.
  • iPad 10.9 million units sold.
  • Mac 4.7 million units sold.
  • Over $ 200,000,000,000 in cash.

The company estimates for the next quarter are still very interesting, but points to a slight growth in the face of renovations of products not counted in the accounts and, of course, are expected to be lower by waiting many consumers to renew their products. A set of numbers which continue to show the good health of the company in the short term:

  • Revenue between $ 49 billion and $ 51 billion.
  • The gross margin between 38.5 percent and 39.5 percent.
  • Operating costs between $ 5.85 billion and $ 5.95 billion.
  • Other income / (expense) of $ 400 million
  • Tax rate of 26.3 percent