Architecture Software Tutorials: What Are The Best?

Architecture Software tutorials: What Are The Best -
Architecture Software tutorials: What Are The Best -

In contemporary architectural practice, mastery of an increasingly broad set of software is becoming increasingly critical. For almost all work in the field, it is no longer enough to bring a clever mind and a pencil; different jobs may require different levels of experience and the use of different types of software, but one thing that seems to be universally accepted is that a certain level of involvement with the software is now required.

The software has created a wide range of tools for architects, but also represents a challenge: universities have taken very different approaches to teaching software, with some classes and access to experts, while others prefer teaching design theory and expect students to learn the skills of management software in their own time. Therefore, new graduates of architecture already facing a gap in skills, that does not include the many architects who went to school before AutoCAD was a standard in the industry, spending the last decades keeping up with the new tools.

The Internet has thus been an important democratizing element in this regard, offering tutorials, often for free, to anyone with a connection as long as you know where to look. So ArchDaily wants your help to create a list of the best web sites on the Internet architecture tutorials. Find out how you can help (and see our list to see where to begin) below.

In the comments, we’d like you to tell us what your favorite sources for software tutorials. As in our list, please let us know which focuses your source categories:

  • Pre-production modeling and drawing (software as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino and programs BIM and Revit and ArchiCAD )
  • Production of images (such as plug- in V-Ray for various software)
  • Image Manipulation, post-production (as Photoshop )
  • Or, well if your source tutorial covers more than one of these categories, mark it as “general purpose”

We would also like to know which of the suggestions have been helpful to most people, so if you see a comment about a tutorial that you used, put comment!

To start the list and give you an idea of the type of tutorials that are waiting include staff ArchDaily (with the help of some friends) have developed the following list:

General Used Tutorial Sites

  • You may have heard of this site, offers more than 3,500 courses and hundreds of thousands of videos of individual tutorials on everything from business to photography and software architecture. What many students do not know is that it can provide a free subscription.
  • Visualizing Architecture: Alex Hogrefe has created a comprehensive list of tutorials to create attractive images, conveniently divided into four subcategories. Most tutorials focus on techniques that can be achieved using only SketchUp and Photoshop.
  • Ronen Bekerman: Ronen Bekerman blog is, above all, great to see case studies site. Bekerman taxpayers has regularly exhibited his own work, explaining how they created a render from the modeling stage to post-production.

Pre-Production (drawing, modeling, BIM)

  • Youtube Channel Autodesk : It almost goes without saying that Autodesk offers a wide range of resources for their own software. Their YouTube channel contains a series of instructional videos along with new features and – the present promotional videos list can be overwhelming at first-especially if you’re looking for something specific, I recommend you to be attentive to any label that reads ” Getting Started “.
  • Bond-Bryan BIM Blog: Rob Jackson has been publishing in the “Blog BIM” of the company since 2013, focusing on BIM related news: case studies and guidance for using ArchiCAD’s BIM tool used by your company.
  • Nick Senske on Youtube : Designed for running the course in college UNC Charlotte, the tutorial videos Senske focus largely on modeling in Rhino
  • Plethora Project : A series of tutorials by Jose Sanchez, focus on a number of tools that are perhaps less “standard” architecture, including the graphics engine Unity3d, the Maya software from Autodesk for animations, C #, Python and Javascript. However, the site also includes tutorials more standard software like Rhino and Grasshopper , there is something here for almost everyone.
  • NYCCTfab on Vimeo : Department  Architectural Fabrication Technology Lab  of New York City College has created an amazing number of videos on software modeling, including Revit , Rhino and Grasshopper – they even have a series of videos in GIS.

Production (renders and other forms of imaging)

  • Simply Rhino Webinars : Although not the  clearest platform, this Youtube channel has a series of videos on V-Ray for Rhino totaling more than five hours.
  • Visual Dynamics Website : This V-Ray dealer is gradually adding sets of software tutorials for 3ds Max , Rhino and SketchUp, among others. So far, only tutorials 3ds Max are more developed, but stay tuned for more.
  • Official site of V-Ray : In a similar vein, the official website of V-Ray has a range of tutorials, especially focusing on 3ds Max and Maya.

Post-Production (Adobe Photoshop and other image manipulation programs)

  • Vyonyx Tutorials: Headquartered in London, the study Vyonyx display provides a small set of tutorials, largely focusing on how to achieve certain effects in Photoshop. They also include a number of tutorials focused on modeling software like Rhino and 3ds Max.
  • ARQUI9 Visualisation on Youtube: Display Another study is sharing their knowledge online, ARQUi9 has only five videos to date, but the tutorials are presented in a clear and cover useful techniques in Photoshop to insert people and to mirror images water convincing.

Do not forget to leave a comment including your favorite source of software tutorials, including the link and category (pre-production, production, post-production or general). And do not forget to vote-up the comments with which you agree to.