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The performance of an employee during working hours depends on many factors. His mood, the tasks are assigned, the hours you must work, the affinity you have with your colleagues and other factors.

It is important to recognize that time of day are more productive because that way we can achieve all our goals meet. You want to know what time of the day you are most productive? Read this article and find out.


download (1)Many people tend to be more productive in their work during the first few hour. This is because in the morning our physical and mental capabilities are in good condition. The key to working well in the morning is a light breakfast but the nutritional time. If you eat too much at breakfast you have difficulty performing your duties.



download (2)Worker productivity often depends on how motivated you are. Some workers are motivated when the day is just beginning, others when approaching payday and some when they are being watched by their superiors. This is because each person responds differently to each type of situation.


Under pressure

download (3)Many people manage to be more productive at work when working under pressure. For some it is very exciting to have a lot of work to do and do it quickly. It is for this reason that many companies seek employees who have the ability to work under pressure because they know that these are very productive.



download (4)Some workers are very productive when under the watchful eyes of their superiors. Knowing they are being monitored makes some employees feel obliged to do their best to prove they are good at what they do and they deserve a raise or be promoted charge.



download (5)Many workers are more productive during the last three hours of their workday. The reason is very simple, they know that if they end up with their work and everything is in order will retire home to rest and be near loved ones or have time for other activities that they consider important.



download (6)Some people tend to be more productive when something stimulates them to work with joy and good cheer. For example, it has been proven that people who work listening to music are usually more productive and feel more comfortable in your work area.



download (7)A person who is self-employed will always be less productive than a team working. It is for this reason that the hours of increased productivity for a company is when workers work together to meet the objectives.




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