Autodesk Launches AutoCAD 2015 for Mac

Autodesk Launches AutoCAD 2015 for Mac -
Autodesk Launches AutoCAD 2015 for Mac -

Autodesk released the latest version of AutoCAD for Mac (2015), which offers a series of changes that seek to bring new improvements in the interface and software design, without sacrificing functionality, key to the comfort of the everyday work of people . According to Amy Bunszel, vice president of AutoCAD , “this version has some new and enriched features, but basically, trying to remove the dead ends that prevent people from being as effective as they can be to work together on design projects “. For example, users can also share their work with colleagues who use Windows versions of the software in seamless collaboration.

"Dynamic Blocks" in action. Image courtesy of AutodeskCheck the new features after the jump …

“Dynamic Blocks” in action. Image courtesy of Autodesk


New features include:
  • Dynamic Blocks: Mac users gain the ability to create and edit dynamic blocks – previously limited ability to Windows users. This feature allows you to insert a block that can change shape, size or configuration instead of inserting several static blocks.Layer States: Now also Mac users can save the settings of your layer as Layer States, which stores information such as color, line type, and information about whether a layer is off, frozen or blocked. Before the release of the 2015 format, users of Mac could not display layers of information integrated into a drawing for Windows users.“Data linking”: users who need data link a table in a Microsoft Excel can use the new data links, and your table is automatically updated when changes are made outside. This feature is especially useful when large amounts of information on items such as materials or accessories are managed.

    Quick selection: This tool allows users to quickly select objects based on query criteria, making it easy to select and exactly what you need in your drawing. The quick selection tool also includes an option of “preview” so users can see what they are about to select before testing.

The type price remains the same for the 2015 version, costing US $ 4.195 for AutoCADand $ 1,200 for AutoCAD LT. There are cheaper options upgrade available for existing users. The subscription plan AutoCAD is priced at US $ 210 per month (or US $ 1680 per year), while AutoCAD LT will be priced at US $ 45 a month (or $ 360 annually). For more information go here

Autodesk Launches AutoCAD 2015 for Mac -