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Today, Germany is one of the European countries with such as better economy. In the last 20 years Germany has been recognized at European level as a country that is always the forefront of technological and scientific advances. This reputation makes many companies that belong to the European Union and elsewhere to establish projects and initiate investments in this country.

Despite all these pluses in its economy, there is still no standard minimum wage in Germany, most jobs are paid by the hour being the lowest figure of 6.5 euros per hour of work. This reality is already being discussed by the government to establish an average figure per hour of work. This article will talk about the average monthly wage in Germany according to each type of employment.

Average monthly wage of part-time :
As is the case in most countries. The part-time jobs are meant for younger or those who are following university studies and need to solve some of their expenses. All jobs are paid by the hour. The minimum hourly earning a part-time employee in Germany is 6.5 euros.

This figure would be lower if it is a small company but if it is a transnational might be a little more. This sum yields averaged monthly figure of 500 euros. Most of these jobs are for assistant or customer care.

Average monthly wage in Germany (not professional):
Most people who are in this category are workers, self-employed and both legal and illegal immigrants. In this case the average hourly wage figure can be between 7 and 10 euros. The independent workers belonging to Germany or the European Union can win the highest number while immigrants are what hold the number of hand cheaper labor.

The monthly average of these workers is between 1000 and 1200 euros with discounts of law. In the case of illegal immigrants, many of them earn less than those with longer working hours figures.The jobs that these people are found mainly in the field of construction.

Average monthly wage in Germany  (Professional):
Professionals who earn higher wages in Germany are those with more field experience. It is important to higher education to find a good job but wages depend mainly on the experience of the worker.

This experience should be checked and, if possible within the European Union countries. Health professionals in great demand as a nurse, physical the rapists and geriatricians can earn up to 2 monthly 500euros, industrial engineers and mechanics can easily earn between 3,500 and 4,000 euros per month.

The technical courses in Germany are also very well paid.Thus we have an auto mechanic, carpenter or cabinetmaker silkscreen interior specialist can earn a monthly average of 2400 euros.


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