How to Backup in Windows 10 – Solution with Picture + Video Tutorial

How to back up in Windows 10

This tutorial explains the steps you must take to have a backup in Windows 10. Having a backup or better known as Backup helps you recover files and any important information that may be lost at the time of your disk damage Hard or damage the system.

If you have any problems with the system, it is advisable to try to repair Windows 10 first. There are many ways to make backups, we will explain what we consider better.

Backup in Windows 10 to another storage drive

With this, I mean to have a Backup on another hard drive so that you have the possibility to recover it without having to worry about repairing the hard disk. Since all the information would be on another storage device. This is recommended to do on an external hard drive that you use specifically for that.

To do the Backup go to Start and then click where it says “Setting“.

How to back up in Windows 10

Then click on “Update and Security“.

How to back up in Windows 10

On the left side there is a menu, click where it says “Backup” and then click where it says “Add a drive“.

How to back up in Windows 10

At this point you must have the unit connected to appear at the time of trying to add the storage unit.

The backup function of Windows 10 works very well in case you want to recover files such as deleted photos.

Make a backup of Windows 10 by creating a restore point

Creating a restore point serves to recover the system at the time you created the restore point. That is for you in case you have a critical problem with the system. The difference between this and the other is that it saves the backup on the same hard disk.

To get started go to Control Panel. Then click where it says “Recovery“.

How to back up in Windows 10

You can open control panel with the command “control” with the function run of Windows.

Then click on “Configure System Restore“. A window will open in which you must click on the button that says “Create …”.

How to back up in Windows 10When doing that will open another window in which you must write the name you want the restore point to have.

Already in case your operating system has critical flaws or have problems to start Windows you can solve that problem.