Basic Terms | New Online Entrepreneurs you should know

Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know -

The e – commerce and digital marketing have become important parts of the success of companies, whether they are large or small can put aside the importance of online presence.

More and more entrepreneurs decide to start a business online (e-commerce) because fortunately, there are a variety of tools to create an online store or website and start selling.

Once an online business starts, you need to take a lot of work to make the business successful, from actions of digital marketing to the delivery of products. However, all this involves a lot of words and terms that will probably be difficult to understand for new entrepreneurs.

That’s why, we will share you some basic terms that will help you become familiar with the different terms that have to get involved, expand your knowledge base, will allow you to perform actions or ask the right questions to succeed.


ecommerce-Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know - tinoshare.come-commerce

E-commerce is the way in English to refer to electronic commerce, which involves buying and selling products or services through Internet-connected devices and other computer networks.

According to the way in which the seller and customers interact, there are different types of e – commerce. We mention the most popular below.

Business to Business (B2B)

Means business to business, it is one in which commercial transactions are carried out only from company to company. For example, a manufacturer that sells to retailers or agency that sells marketing services to large companies.

Business to consumer (B2C)

This type of electronic commerce that is conducted between businesses and consumers, ie, the best-known model and where most entrepreneurs think to start a business. For example, online stores that sell digital or physical products to final consumers.

Consumer to consumer (C2C)

It’s the kind of e-commerce in which consumers can buy and sell among themselves. The most popular platforms for these types of transactions are eBay and MercadoLibre, where individuals buy and sell new or used items.

It is an excellent way to begin testing the market and try online sales.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

This model refers to the trade in which consumers offer something to businesses. That is, consumers can also do business with companies beyond just buy what they offer.

The main feature of C2B is that customers bring value to the company and receive in return a number of benefits. An example of this are the affiliate programs in which companies offer rewards for each sale to users who recommend their products.

E-commerce platform

It is a software that provides the ability to create online shops to sell products or services, these platforms provide the user with different tools that help run your store easily.

SaaS software

Also known as software as a service is a form of software distribution business through internet. Such services can be paid on a monthly basis and usually are cheaper than purchasing a complete software. An example of this is Shopify.


Drop shipping is a way to sell online in which the store does not need to have the products in stock, a provider takes care of that part. When a store sells a product, buy a third person and it sends it directly to the customer.With this method, the shop owner never sees the product and has no contact with him. Only it serves as an intermediary.

Financing companies

Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know - tinoshare.comCrowdfunding

The crowdfunding is a method of raising capital in small quantities contributions from people who believe in the project. All this from a network that is created in line to achieve the goal. Some of the most popular crowdfunding sites are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, etc.


This is a term widely used today in the business world. It is called a startup company developing products or services that are highly innovative and highly desired or required in the market. Companies generally are associated with the development of technology and have a capacity of rapid growth.

Digital marketing and social networks

marketing-social-media Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know - tinoshare.comDigital marketing

The digital marketing refers to the implementation of marketing strategies that are carried out through digital media, which use different tools such as email, smartphones, social networks, websites, search engines are made, etc.


The SEM (acronym of Search Engine Marketing) refers to paid advertising campaigns through search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!

Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know - tinoshare.comSEO

The search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, the set of actions and techniques that are performed to make a website, page or content appears on the top of the organic search (results not paid) search engine.

Keywords (Keywords)

Keywords refer to the most common terms used by internet users to search for content on an industry, product or specific content. If you know the keywords that your customers use to find your products or services online, it will be easier for them to find you. Below is an example that with particular keywords, my website appears first.

Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know - tinoshare.comThey are a key to optimize search engines (SEO) element.

Web analytics

It is the process of collecting and analyzing information provided by users to interact with a website. Web analytics is essential to improve site performance and conduct optimization strategies.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)

The KPIs are metrics that help quantify the performance of a strategy to see if the actions are meeting the goals. Each digital marketing tactic has Kips key that helps evaluate their performance.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The investment return is a result of conducting marketing actions. This is the value that indicates the actions generated an investment return. It is calculated by dividing the income from certain action between the cost of it.

Email marketing

It is known as email marketing promotion activities conducted through email. This allows companies to keep their customers informed about offers, benefits, content and more. Currently, there are a lot of suppliers that make easy to manage email lists and email marketing campaigns.

Inbound marketing

Set of techniques that try to change the traditional marketing techniques and advertising to make them less intrusive. It is offering customer value to get sales, but without trying to sell them directly. One way of doing this is by creating attractive, useful and quality content.

Content marketing

Content marketing refers to creating and distributing valuable content to attract attention from customers and retain existing customers , which will contribute to achieving the objectives of the company.

Video marketing

It refers to the use of video as content for websites, landing pages, social networks, other means in order to inform, educate and achieve customer engagement.

Mobile marketing

The mobile marketing refers to the set of marketing strategies carried through mobile devices. To succeed, you need to understand the mobile audience to meet their needs in the best way through their devices.

Content curation

The content curation is the process of filtering quality content created by others for distribution to a specific audience. It is a way of giving value to the audience and keep fresh content.

Commitment (engagement)

The engagement refers to the degree to which the consumer interacts with the brand. That is to say, is the connection that the company manages a customer through your online presence. This helps companies know if your message is being transmitted positively.

Calls to action (Call To Action – CTA)

Call to action is used to attract and persuade visitors to perform a specific action, for example, make a purchase, subscribe, get more information, download a file, etc. The CTA is a key element site profitable e -commerce.


The prints are produced each time a user sees a piece of content on social networks or ad. It is a metric that helps to know the scope that had that piece on the Internet.

A / B Testing

It is a technique to determine the performance of a page, advertisement or piece of content. It is to use two versions (A and B) of an item and test them to determine which is most useful and successful.

Basic Terms - New Online Entrepreneurs should know - tinoshare.comGrowth hacking

The growth hacking is the set of marketing techniques developed by technology companies that consist of making use of creativity, critical thinking, metrics and social networks to achieve sales targets and brand recognition. It refers to the use of strategies testable, trackable and scalable marketing.

Landing page

A landing page is a page that is specially created for to send traffic for a particular purpose. That is, it is not a product page or the home page, but one designed to convert visitors into leads.

The Landing pages must be attractive, simple and contain only the information needed for the user to perform the desired action.

Practice makes perfect

This is a list of terms that will help clear some doubts about the first steps in the management and marketing of your online store .

If at first you feel overwhelmed with so many things, do not worry, practice will help you understand more about each concept.

Is there any other term that new entrepreneurs should know? Share it in the comments.