These headphones do not need our ears to listen to music | BatBand, from the head to the ears -

The offer of headphones is wide, come in all brands, a variety of designs and styles, with a lot of features and of course for all budgets. This makes them a versatile accessory, which all have access easily.

Despite this variety, a key feature of the headphones, which are placed over the ears for optimal performance. But this time, we meet an interesting project, which seeks to create headphones that work via bone conduction.

BatBand, from the head to the ears

Under a creation of the design studio and creative Banana Things, it’s like coming through a funding campaign on Kickstarter, this headband which are actually headphones bone conduction, baptized as BatBand (which immediately reminds us of something about Batman).

The idea of using the cranial bones as conduits to make sounds is not new, there have already been a couple of projects with the same premise, and certainly have not worked all that well. The objective pursued with BatBand, is put at our disposal a headset that does not isolate us from the world, as our sense of hearing would open and attentive to whatever happens around us.

These headphones do not need our ears to listen to music | BatBand, from the head to the ears -



No doubt the design is its strongest card, the outside of the band is made of a steel alloy, while its interior consists of foam for comfort. It works by a pair of transducers which emit sound waves at a frequency of between 300 and 19000 Hz, which allows them to travel through the cranial bones, so our ears would be free.

Besides this, the band has a capacitive panel that allow us to control several aspects, such as playing music or make calls, because by integrating microphone also will serve handsfree, since you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

These headphones do not need our ears to listen to music | BatBand, from the head to the ears -

It has a pair of batteries (300 mAh) rechargeable via a micro USB port, which offer us a range of six hours of music playback or eight hours of talk time. Your connection is via Bluetooth 2.1 and supports HFP, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP.

The goal pursued in Kickstarter is $ 150,000, so far, two days of launching the campaign, they have surpassed the $ 56,000, so it appears that exceed the goal, as it still faces 47 days. Each BatBand is priced at $ 149, money for those who help in the campaign, because the final price will be $ 250. Deliveries are planned for April 2016.

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