Beautiful Papercut Artworks of Nature by Marina Adamova

Marina Adamova’s most amazing paper cut artworks describing a nature.

Marina is Russian and I am sure many people didn’t hear a lot about Russian Designers or Artist.  Myself too. I though Russia is not much big fan of art but comes out I was wrong. For many years I was interested in Russia and always wanted to visit this country. As I am a huge fan of Design, Web Design and Arts, I though it would be nice to search some art from Russia side.
Well, now I found Marina’s artwork which inspired me and I was thinking and watching on every of the artworks from paper cut almost an hour to figure and realize how easy or difficult it is to make them. Believe me, this is not easy! It required accuracy , time and hardworking. Working on a small things are not easy as people might think. I realized how much afford she put on this work and the result is amazing.
Though, Marina has graduated a British High School of Design and she is a self taught paper artist creating an intricate works from combining an illustrations with paper.
Let us take a moment and see how wonderful the arts are. And , would be nice to hear from you!
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