How to become a police officer in Orange County, California

How to become a police officer in Orange County, California -

The requirements to become a police officer may vary by location and type of police work you plan to do. Candidates who wish to work as a police officer in Orange County, California, can work for the county police department or look for a job in one of the communities within the county. The minimum requirements to work for the police department Orange County are stricter than those required by individual communities.

Complete your training.

How to become a police officer in Orange County, California - tinoshare.comApplicants must complete both high school and some college to be considered for a position in the police department. Footprints joint study of future police include studies in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, criminology, and forensics. The department has special units that can work if you have education in other fields. For example, a degree in homeland security could benefit from working on the unit, or flight training degree may qualify for work with the county aviation unit.

Exercise regularly to ensure you are in good physical shape.

This can be done while you are completing your training or simply as a continuation of its existing lifestyle if you already work regularly and am in good shape. The police department is necessary that applicants are in good condition to be considered for a position.

Make sure you meet all other minimum requirements.

You must be at least 20 years of age, a US citizen and valid driver’s license and a good driving record. You should also have a criminal record, no history of drug use and meet the minimum requirements of vision.

Fill out an online application and any additional tests required by the police department.

You are required to complete a written test, a polygraph test, complete a background check, a drug test and a medical examination and a swimming test. You may also be asked to ride with another officer to observe them in their daily tasks. an interview is also required by a review board.

Attend classes and complete the police academy, once you get your job.

In the Academy, you will learn the fundamentals of law enforcement through classroom instruction and physical fitness and defensive tactics training.

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