How Do I Become A TV Reporter? | FAQ


So, you have been entertaining the idea of becoming a TV reporter? Working in television can be exciting, rewarding and fun. Becoming a successful TV reporter doesn’t happen overnight – it takes education, hard work, and sometimes even a little bit of luck.

Along with an education in broadcasting, you need to possess the right personality traits that will make you successful in this highly competitive field.

The first step
First things first – education is key! You need specialized education before you walk into a TV station and apply for a reporting position. Seek out courses that are taught by professionals in the media industry.

Do you have what it takes?
When you look at successful, iconic TV reporters, you may not realize that they didn’t just walk into the job they have. They usually start out in small markets, with a gradual rise to stardom. These reporters have what it takes to be resilient and focused to achieve greatness in their chosen profession.

Are you an articulate speaker?
When you tune your TV or radio to a news report, what is the first thing you notice? Usually, it is the person’s voice and how well they speak. We want to trust those who bring us the news, and how well they articulate and the way in which they report both good and bad news lends credibility to what they have to say.

Are you willing to change locations?
Most TV journalists and newscasters change locations as new job opportunities arise. They start out in a small market and then move to larger ones as they gain experience. Unless you are happy to stay in one particular area, you will more than likely move to bigger and better markets and locations as your career advances.

Do you possess great people skills?
Not only will you be in front of the camera, but you will be interviewing newsworthy people. If you are a person who doesn’t enjoy interacting with people you don’t know, TV reporting may not be your gig. As a TV reporter, you are your network’s ambassador and a representative in your community. You need to have a genuine interest in communicating with people and making them feel comfortable when speaking with you.

Will you be able to report news that you may not agree with?
This can be a tough one for some people, but it is essential for a successful career in TV broadcasting. You will have to keep your opinions out of interviews and reporting and be able to talk to people about difficult subjects. Even though you may disagree with the subject matter, you will have to learn to keep your opinions in check.

Be realistic about earnings
When you see the salary offered on your first job in a small market, you may wonder why you’ve chosen this field in the first place. Keep the faith – if you are passionate about working as a TV reporter, the breaks will come and your salary will increase as your experience grows.

What are you waiting for?
The proper education, hard work and a sincere desire to bring news and current events to the public will get you to where you want to be in your career as a TV reporter.