Why beef liver is good for your health?

Why beef liver is good for your health - tinoshare.com

For some people, the of eating beef liver is disgusting; while for others, it is the opportunity to enjoy a delicacy. If you are a member of the first category, you may want to reconsider your distaste for beef liver, because it is really full of nutrients. Experiment with flavor, adding different dressings and marinades or trying other ways of cooking to find something you like.

Calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium

A slice of cooked beef liver contains about 130 calories and about 3.6 g of fat, equivalent to about 5.5% of the recommended daily intake of fat. The liver contains about 269 cholesterol, which is their primary dietary problem. This is almost 90% of the recommended intake of cholesterol The sodium content of the liver is only 3.5 g; about 2% sodium recommended consumption.

Carbohydrates, fiber and protein

A single slice of beef liver contains only about 3.5 g of carbohydrates (which is good news for people who eat a low in carbohydrates) and no dietary fiber. Virtually no trace of sugar in the liver. The protein content, corresponding to about 20 g, is highly beneficial as it amounts to almost 40% of your daily requirement. The high protein content may favor the particularly active, because your body needs to repair worn muscles.



Beef liver is very rich in vitamin A, offering stunning 431% of your daily requirement. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, teeth, bones and skin. The liver also contains about 60% of your needs vitamin B-3 or niacin, 48% of vitamin B-5 and almost 800% percent of vitamin B-12 that requires your body. The vitamin B complex helps the system to process the food you eat so that you can use to produce energy.


A serving of beef liver contains approximately 338 mg of phosphorus roughly 34% of your daily requirement of this mineral- your body needs to fulfill functions such as the creation and maintenance of bones and teeth and for the proper treatment of residues in the kidneys.The liver also contains about 4.4 mg iron, 4.1 mg of calcium, 3.6 mg and 9.7 mg zinc copper.