The best Android apps to learn English online


In this article I explain what are the best Android applications to learn English, either from the phone or tablet, also explaining their respective reasons. The applications to learn English mentioned in this content are not oorganised one first than the other because it is better or worse. Each one has its good things and one can be better than another depending on the taste of the user.

Best Android apps to learn English

ABA English


The ABA English online English course is also available in an Android application. The characteristics of the application are as follows.

  • It adapts more to reality. It puts conversations in English of the real life with subtitle so as to adapt and accustom the user to the language.
  • The English course offered by the application is very complete.
  • It is focused on improving listening comprehension, pronunciation and grammar.
  • Your pronunciations in English you can record them to be able to listen them later and thus to be able to improve.
  • You can choose where to start based on your level of English proficiency.
  • The application is very light so it consumes very few resources of the mobile and is unlikely to cause problems of slowing.
  • The course is very organized. It qualifies the user for levels and certificates of English.
  • It’s the best graphics I have seen.
  • The application as it is done knows how to hook the user because it is very dynamic and motivates him to check his progress.

The ABA English application is very complete and looks very professional and with it you listen, speak and write. The course has a paid version and a free version and it is worth trying it and you realize that with it you can learn a lot.

You can download the app here.



There is no doubt that Duolingo is one of the best known free English learning applications that currently exists and that is due to the following reasons.

  • It is an App to learn English for free.
  • The English you learn is of good quality to be a free application.
  • It’s entertaining. The application rates users by levels and points according to how they are responding to the issues they are putting, is practically a game to learn English.
  • It puts you different types of exercises to improve grammar, reading and pronunciation. It also corrects you in case you have errors in your answers.
  • It has a very active forum and a community of millions of users.
  • Follows the user on the mobile sending reminders and notifications to make the user continue to use the application. This helps many users who drop out of learning to return.
  • It is constantly updated in order to make improvements and solve problems presented by users.
  • At first, the application puts a test of English in case you know some of the language to locate you in a level according to your knowledge.

Duolingo also has available learning for French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Catalan and Guaraní. No doubt this is one of the best Android applications to learn English.

You can download the app here 

Duolingo official website:



Busuu is an application to learn English with a free version and a paid version. However the great advantage of this app is used in its premium version because it offers great quality and excellent support, as they are very attentive to the problems and concerns of the users.

  • It is a very intuitive application, since it explains to the users how they should use everything.
  • It helps to improve considerably.
  • The lessons can be downloaded to access them without needing an Internet connection.
  • It has original content and shows photos according to the exercises that you are working which through images you see what it is about those who are teaching you.
  • It focuses in detail on working with the student each of the phases of learning the language. For example, grammar, vocabulary, work basic themes of daily life.

Busuu is an application that can be used as a complement to learning the language if it is taken with dedication and effort. Busuu has its free version, however, it is very limited and the one that is really worth it is not free. However in terms of quality and learning is better than Duolingo and you can have all the content downloaded to the mobile to be able to use it without needing an Internet connection.

This app in addition to English has teachings available for French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Catalan, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Download the app here 

Link of the official website:


Wlingua is an application well known in Android for the following characteristics.

  • It is simple which makes it easy to learn English through this App.
  • The application to be very simple and easy to use as it is used. Usually, surprise users as they end up seeing more than they expected.
  • Test your level so you can work from it and avoid giving lessons that the user already knows.
  • The audios are excellent and are understood very clearly.
  • It has 600 exercises, which are enough to improve a lot in the language.
  • It is fun and entertaining which is what mainly makes this one of the best Android applications to learn English.

The application has a free version and a paid version. With the free is enough to progress, but with the payment goes much better.

Download the app here

Official website:


This app is also known in the Google Play Store as “Learn English” and is one of the easiest and best Android applications to learn English. It is focused that you can handle the best possible in the conversations and therefore has the following characteristics:

  • It teaches you very useful and essential phrases and words to develop in English.
  • Help and teach conversions in different situations and places like travel, when you are in transportation, when you go shopping, emergencies, among others.
  • Look for phrases by means of a search engine included in the app, very useful that.
  • Native Pronunciations of Language.
  • Like some others you can record your pronunciations to listen and compare them with others.
  • No internet connection required.
  • It has good design and is something customizable and simplified
  • It is a good application to help children learn English because they have parental controls.

This application is very good, the only problem is that its free version has many ads. It would be advisable to try the free version and get the paid version in case you see it worth it.

You can download the app here

This is the official website:

It is important to know that learning English not only depends on an application being good, it depends a lot on the dedication and effort you put into it.

Obviously will arise more Android applications to learn English that will be good. As long as I test more app I will add them in this article. If you have any questions or know a good application leave a name in the comments. So I look for it in the Google Play Store and if it is good enough will add it in this article.