What is the best antivirus of this year? | Top Best


With the passage of time antiviruses have been improving and many ask me which is the best antivirus.  In this article, I will try to answer that question.

First of all, I clarify that even if you have the best antivirus in the world and if you click or download what you should not increase enormously the probability of having your computer infected by a virus, because also in a certain part depends on the knowledge of the user.

We have two antivirus versions, the free and the not free versions so there is a better one for each type.

What is the best free antivirus?

By performing the tests of place I could determine that the best free antivirus of the present time is the AVG, then it follows the NOD32 and then the Kaspersky. There are many reasons, the first reason I determined it by scanning with a large amount of antivirus a folder with a Trojan.

Incredibly many did not detect it, others detected it, but they did not remove it, they did not even quarantine it. Those were immediately discarded.

Other two that are Avast and Avira work well but have false positives, which is false positive? They found trust programs like suspicious or malicious programs and erased them without any warning, such as Notepad and Windows calculator.

AVG is the best free because NOD32 and Kaspersky are currently not as complete in their free versions. Also, the speed of analysis of Mcafee is much faster and allows me to disable your analysis in real time very easily.

What is the best-paid antivirus?

It should be noted that the above-explained are free versions, since in the payment versions of antivirus things are very different and if you look for a paid antivirus I recommend a thousand times Mcafee or Kaspersky. Very efficient both versions of paid. So the question should be What is the best free antivirus? Or what is the best-paid antivirus?

Also, note that Windows has built-in Windows Defender, such antivirus is very inefficient. So do not think you’re protected if you have that supposed antivirus.

It is added that it is important to know that one is better today, but tomorrow may be another the best.