The best interior design schools in the world


The interior design is a highly competitive profession, but very rewarding. It can provide you with a stable job while allowing you creative expression and display of artistic talent. Interior designers must be able to read blueprints, understand building codes, and collaborate with architects, electricians and construction contractors. They must also work with the client to ensure that the customer is happy and that the work meets all the conditions of security and legal. The post – secondary education is generally a requirement for even the employment level input.


American Intercontinental University London

The American Intercontinental University London (AIU) has campuses worldwide, but best known for interior designer is the London campus. Students have the advantage of attending school is accredited both in the US and the UK, making your title is recognized internationally. The main location of the school in the heart of central London offers students many cultural opportunities, while the interior designer program offers the option of bachelor’s or associate. The program focuses on making professional connections through teachers and guest lecturers and helps to promote the practical skills necessary for a successful career in interior design. AIU London also has a remarkable rate of employment for their alumni.

American Intercontinental University London 110 Marylebone High Street London W1U 4RY, United Kingdom +44 (0) 20 7467 5600 1-888-567-5888

Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute is a recognized and highly competitive with a strong history of producing outstanding students institution. Pratt offers bachelor’s and master’s degree in interior design through its School of Art and Design. The main location of the school in the city of New York offers students a number of unique and enlightening educational opportunities. Students work on a series of practical projects which get progressively more complicated as they move through the curriculum. Pratt Institute is very well seen and is consistently ranked among the best interior design schools in the US by an independent panel of industry professionals.

200 Willoughby Avenue Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718) 636-3600

University of Cincinnati

The School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati is one of the leading interior design schools in the country. Students have the resources of a major research university, allowing them to expand their horizons beyond a traditional art school.The program has many faculty members encourage high-level and act as mentors to students. The school offers a five-year Bachelor of Science in Interior Design but not a master’s degree. A remarkable aspect of this program is the final project design two semesters all students must complete interior design. students who spend six semesters working on design projects in cooperation through school is also required.

University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design 5470 Aronoff Center Cincinnati, OH 45221 (513) 556 4933