The best microphones for making podcasts


Until relatively recently, the creation of audiovisual content was focused exclusively on companies and sectors related to traditional media such as radio or television, but with the incursion of new digital alternatives, this has changed. At present, anyone can create content in various formats with a reduced budget and few materials.

The main element to record any audiovisual product is a computer, which can be portable or desktop, that is indifferent. Secondly, they needed some good headphones to listen to what they do and be able to edit or equalize the material if necessary. In addition, having a quality headset will help us to have a greater sensitivity to analyze the possible noise problems that need to be eliminated so that the listener enjoys what he is listening to.

To these two elements, we must add a third that serves as a connection between the computer and the microphone. This peripheral device is called interface and is usually the most expensive of all and the most complicated to choose as there are a lot of different models. For this reason it is advisable to be very clear about the use that we are going to give, either to record music, in which case we will need a more complex interface and with a greater number of entries, or to record podcasts, that unlike in the Music case does not require such a powerful interface.

Finally, we have the microphones, the peripheral that will pick up our voices and that can be one of the big unknowns at the time of your choice, because there is a great variety of offer and finding the right one can become an arduous task.

Specifically to record podcasts or any type of digital content in which the voice is a mere vehicle will serve us almost any microphone of the most economic, although there are certain nuances that we must touch. The first thing to keep in mind is that the microphones used in the podcast recording are not meant to pick up the sound of someone singing, so you will not be able to record voices like Elvis in Suspicious Minds” or Viva Las Vegas“, a classic of the most popular songs who have the game world and the Sin City as protagonists, but you will be able to record sound for your podcasts or videos with quality audio. After all, Elvis can only have one.

One of the most recommended microphones for this type of activity is the Snowball Mic, the renowned brand Blue, which has managed to create a quality device, at a good price and while not designed to record musical instruments, it can be used for this purpose. Its use is simple and its USB connection allows us to avoid the interface of which we spoke previously. Its style plug and play makes even the least placed in the computer theme can use it and record everything they want. Its price is around 55 euros and is one of the best options on the market today.

blue mic snowball
Blue Snowball Mic

On the other side of the coin is the Yeti Pro Studio, which is around 230 euros, and is presented as a very interesting option for creators who do not have a tight budget. Like Snowball, the Yeti Pro also features USB output and headphone jack.

Yeti Pro

Returning to a fairer budget we find other microphones in the Snowball line like the Samson Meteor, which is about 55 euros and also has a built-in USB connection, thus facilitating the installation This micro has also a few folding feet that allow a placement microphone in front of the announcer’s mouth.

Samson has also created another microphone that, although it does not serve as the main element, does help people who travel a lot and create content from different parts of the world. With that idea the Samson Meteorite USB has been created, a mini microphone with a magnetic base that allows its fixation to facilitate the recording. Its price is around 33 euros and can be used to get out of a hurry.

In the case of wanting to do something more professional, we could opt for a studio pack, surely more focused on recording music but that would certainly give an extra quality to our content. One of these possible packs is the one created by Focusrite that includes the Scarlett 2i2 interface, a condenser microphone and studio headphones, as well as bringing demos of contrasting programs for audio recording and editing such as Pro Tools or Cubase. It is certainly a very good investment for those who want to go a step further.