Best quick and essential tricks of Windows 10

Best quick and essential tricks of Windows 10 - -
Best quick and essential tricks of Windows 10 - -

Since the launch of Windows 10 a couple of weeks we have been publishing analysis and advice, showing its main characteristics.

Installing a new operating system is just the beginning. Then you have to adjust to our needs.

In this report we have changed the approach. We collect a collection of quick but essential tricks Windows 10, allowing you to properly configure important functions, accelerate tasks or discover things about Windows 10 that may not know.

Before you start tinkering it is advisable to perform a backup, in case you get to browse over the account and spoil something.

Windows 10 hides many interesting secrets that are not seen with the naked eye. Did you know that is able to convert text and images into PDF files, you can create folders invisible or that there is a method to increase the quality of streaming?  You will find many other essential tricks of Windows 10 in this selection.

For starters, we do it with the most powerful Activating God Mode in Windows 10, which gives you access to hundreds of configuration options and customization: Still you have not made the leap to Windows 10?