Best Tips For A Good CV Cover Letter | Job and Resume Tips


The cover letter is an important part when applying for a position of employment. You have the possibility of giving a clearer picture of yourself, beyond your work experience and your notes. It’s the way you have, for the future employer to see your personality and be able to stand out from the other candidates. It is important that you take the time to write it and customize it for each job to which you pustules.

To start, you need the motivation letter that brings something different from what is already written in your resume. Copying the information as it is presented in the CV is useless and will slow human resource personnel. Therefore, you need to write something informative but also interesting that makes the employer read your resume and consider a profile for the position you want to apply.

Another important thing is to change the cover letter for each application you make. The employer wants to see that you’ve taken the time to find out about the company, and if they believe that you sent the same letter to many other applications, it will not be considered. You have to clearly explain the reasons why you are the perfect candidate for them.

Structure of the cover letter

The ideal is to know the name of a person in the company to address the letter and prevent it from reaching a generic address, risking not to read it. If you do not know anyone in the company you can look at Internet the name of the person responsible for human resources.

In the next step you need to introduce yourself and explain your situation of employment. This has to be followed by an explanation of why you want to work for the company and why you think you could fit the company culture. It includes examples of qualities that you have, such as leadership, and explains how this fits with the position to which you aspire.

You need to be concise and brief as it is likely that many other people have sent the nomination to the place where you want to work, so your cover letter should not exceed one page of A4.