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One of the questions most frequently receipt by readers is that they do not know how to achieve their goals because they are distracted and unsure how to focus when choosing a business idea and to take the first step.

You start looking forward, strength and hope to organize everything needed to launch the project; but gradually you are going out of steam and courage to go ahead with your idea.

What has happened to you?

If so, probably the number one reason why happens to you is because you have a great desire to see results YA and generate revenue sooner.

But starting a business is like building a house: you can not start building it from the roof.

Like anything worthwhile in life requires some effort, work, time, and organization, especially a lot of organization.

When your eagerness to achieve your goals to see immediate results you can then begin devolution: you want to span multiple tasks at once, you get nervous when an obstacle appears because that will slow down before reaching your goal …

And in the end, you end up getting nothing, thinking it an impossible goal, and even Augustinian.

So in this article I’ll show you how you can concentrate better to achieve your goal: from starting a business, learning a new language, or even get in shape for summer!



1. Decide what you want to achieve

Before starting your journey, you must think what you really want to get. This may seem silly, but is the most important point of all.

How many times have you said to yourself phrases like “I want to lose weight”, “I would make more money” or “I want to start my own business”? Many, right?.

It’s great that count on an approximation of what you want to achieve; but the idea that is trapped in your head should be more specific and concrete to achieve it.


Do not think you want to lose weight: ACCURATE thinking is how many kilos you want to lose..

Do not think of starting a business: think what particular business is you want to start.

Often we throw the towel before the start because of not even knowing where we’re going. And that is much harder to organize the process steps that will lead us to the goal.

So sit a few minutes to talk with yourself calmly, slowly and analyze what you want to achieve.

And here comes the second most important part of this step: do not worry about what others want for you.


There are many studies showing that, when your goals have personal meaning, it will be more predigest to get them.

Consider these three aspects:

  • When we ask ” what do I want? “Often we also consider what our families and friends want from us. You have to find targets that will make you happy, not others.
  • Ask yourself questions like “What I want to offer my family / community / world?” Or “how I grow as a person?”. These questions will help you determine the path to choose.
  • Try to align your purpose with your own personal values. Ask yourself “why do I do?”. This is what will anchor in your goal and do not give up despite adversity, problems, or any other situation that comes your way on the road.



2. Prioritize your actions!

This will surely be the part where soles find problems you already have an idea of what you want to do, but want to get it so fast, you end up only with anguish and a mess.

It is therefore essential must prioritize.

Try to work in every area of your life while you can saturate and incapacitate you to achieve your goals.

Divide your goal into three levels:

  • The first level should be the most important of all, and it may be the simplest and the most naturally to get.
  • The second and third levels are less important, and may also be more limited and specific.


For example, if you want to start your own business in the first layer, what would be steps to take to create, or find the information to do so. In the second level could be how to promote the business or how to get more customers, and third, to improve the products that you sell or how to expand your enterprise.



3. Set specific steps and write them

It is important that you set the specific steps to take to get closer to your goals; but you also need to be realistic.

If you want to open a restaurant and have no money to do so, you must realize that by great enthusiasm and work you contend without capital get nothing.

Therefore, it is necessary to be realistic and look for alternatives to achieve your goals.

Think of several options if the first – when put into practice – not working.

For example, borrow money; if you do not grant it, ask your friends and family. If they can not, discusses other ways to get money (a second job, sell some belongings, make crowdfunding ).

If none of these ideas is viable, think another way to start your restaurant (maybe starting an online business meal? Collaborating with a partner or investor? With a small stand on the street?).

Ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What do I need to do to get this? Can someone have to help me for some step will be?
  • How Can I run each step?
  • What is the first step I need to take to start? What is the second? And the third, fourth, fifth?


Once you’ve given some thought to this whole process write them on a paper!

The best thing to do to get everything organized is written first on a sheet all the steps and actions you are going to take, and then put beside each step a number with the order in which you have to run.

Then on another clean paper add each step in an orderly manner, with the maximum possible detail you need, and a limit for each date.

Write – whether goals, motivations, or steps to take – often make it feel more real; and set a deadline you will commit more to meet it.



4. Identify your obstacles

Nobody likes to think that something can go wrong when you want to reach a goal. But the fact is that something can not be like your thought, and you better be prepared for a problem to catch you by surprise.

Here you can do is take another sheet and write down the obstacles that may arise, in simple words, write all the problems you think you will face.

You think that difficulties may not only be internal (for example, not knowing how to do something), but also external (lack of money and competitors if you are starting a business …).



5. Investigate your next steps

To get what you want in life, you need to understand exactly how you can get there. And the best way is to examine your list of steps and obstacles.

Take both listings and see green marking what aspects are what you can do, or you can solve yourself.

With the remaining steps and obstacles you investigate.

Find someone who has done it before and ask (drop me a comment on this or any article, and I will answer helping you with regards).

Internet; search articles, tutorials or videos where you have to take further information. Take a course (there are free courses that are as good as the fee) or read books on this particular subject.

Nobody is born knowing everything, and thanks to the Internet is now easier than ever to access all data and contact with all kinds of people.



6. Start today with the first step!

One of the most difficult steps to achieve your goals is to take the first step. Start immediately!

Even if you do not know what will be your course of action, begin and trust your instincts. Upon completion of this first step, you will realize that you are in the way you want.

And you’ll be more inclined to continue working on your goal because you begin to feel immediate results.

Remember that here it is important to review your list of steps every day, and go deleting the already run to see how you are progressing.


The steps you’re done you can move them to a separate list of “achieved objectives”.
This will be a good source of motivation because you see what you’ve got, and have more willingness to go ahead with your idea.



Now it’s your turn

It is simple distressed and confused with a new project that we want to generate results as soon as possible; but as you see with this article, it is much easier to get rid of those worries and achieve your objectives if you have some organization and know what steps to take at all times.

Now it’s up to you, and I am very interested to know if you have encountered this problem of lack of focus and not achieve your goals in any situation.

Have you ever felt lost, confused and not knowing how to handle the creation of your business?

Leave me a comment below telling your story and asking any questions you have about this issue.

And if you liked the article, share in your social networks! Maybe you help someone achieve their goals and conquer their dreams.