For people who know what are the benefits of working on the Internet and want to take advantage of the technological advances to make money, I will provide the information below is which they need to start with.

Most people do not know how or where to start, they are disoriented with respect to steps to take to start the venture to work from home online.

Well the most important thing is to use effective methods that really work and are cost effective for this I will report on Clickbank. This is one of the companies I use to make money online selling products as an affiliates.


Clickbank; what it is exactly?

It is a virtual company with thousands of digital products are sold daily. Anyone who has created his own product they can sell it here at Clicbank. Those who do not have their own products, they have the option to sell the products offered in the ClickBank Marketplace, and earn a commission on each sale.

Affiliates earn a commission for each sale. Here only digital products are offered, for example e-books, software, tutorials and templates.

I have personally tested all the existing methods and, paid surveys, making videos and upload to Youtube and almost all 27 ways to make money online, but definitely selling digital products of Clickbank as an affiliate is the one that surpasses in terms of profits. With respect the speed at which profits are obtained, I would say this is also the fastest method of earning for those who decide to learn how the system works.



Advantages of selling digital products as an affiliate through Clickbank

1-  is cheapest, fast, and cost effective way to start earning online profits. This method can not only earn extra money, but

2- The costs to you are practically zero.

  • No cost to produce
  • No customer service
  • No shipping
  • No physical production

3- You must not send any product nor process payments.

4- It is a very profitable business and not complicated.

FAQ on making money with ClickBank affiliate

How is the delivery of products Clicbank make people?

Customers make the discharge of its products, minutes after completing the purchase.

How do people pay?

The payment process is done by credit card or through Paypal through an automated system. The system is safe and works in real time.

Who is responsible for making all the arrangements for payment and delivery, including customer service?

Clickbank does all these efforts.

How they pay to affiliates?

Commissions are from 50% to 75% for each product sold. This option sent to you in checks or you can choose to make direct deposit to your bank account. You also have the option to decide how often you want receive remuneration. This can be weekly or monthly.

How you can sell products?

Online. With blog or any other options you may think of.

How much does it cost?

Practically nothing. Clickbank takes out a minimum percentage of each sale of the product, about 7.5%, more $ 1. Example. The majority commissions are paid at 75%, then if you are selling a product that costs $ 50 pains, the money would be distributed as follows:

$ 50 – (7.5% = $ 3.75 + $ 1) = $ 4.75 = $ 45.25

Affiliate gets $ 45.25 (75%) = $ 33.94

The product owner gets 25% of the $ 45.25 = $ 11.31

Clickbank get = $ 4.75



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