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Best Way to Deal With Jealousy In a Relationship - Relationship Tips - -
Best Way to Deal With Jealousy In a Relationship - Relationship Tips - -

Jealousy is one of the biggest traps that can drop a relationship How to handle a jealous person? Important Information here. “it’s because my partner does not want me”, “You have to get jealous of the couple from time to time so that the relationship did not die” or “women (or men) are jealous for nature “are phrases that perpetuate behavior that can end up with the strongest relationship. Jealousy And the jealousy, as currently known to this disease, causes millions of ruptures each year worldwide, since the emotional strain and stress that people immersed in these relationships living become impossible coexistence and harmony between two people , for more love and happiness they have in their life together.

There are many people today, they can not share an afternoon with family or friends for fear of the angry reaction of their partners . Nor can they go alone to a supermarket, a bank or a mall, they always must be accompanied (and monitored) by their partners. There are many people who today have no privacy, as their emails, their phones and even their bank accounts are “operated” by their partners. So how do you keep a jealous person ends with peace and tranquility in a relationship? Some actions to take:

  • Do not take the jealousy as a common behavior: jealousy is a major disease that can end the emotional health of a person. Therefore, it is important to discover and treat the problem early and not let escalates.
  • Recognizing the problem without attacking or blame, jealous people should recognize that they are sick and need psychological treatment, not only for the sake of their partners, but themselves.
  • Do not give in to blackmail: a jealous person can be a manipulative person with your partner. The main thing is not to give in to emotional blackmail, such as allowing attacks, scenes of jealousy in public and other painful situations.
  •  Do not make fun of jealous people: they are really sick and, therefore, teasing can cause more damage.
  • Communicate permanently: often jealous people are not clear why they behave that way. Therefore, communication is key to understanding the root problem and find solutions to short and long term.
  • Strengthen confidence: without trust, no relationship can survive. So show him your partner that you can believe in all situations of life .
  • Set limits: learn to say “No” to your partner when it violates the boundaries of your privacy and your physical and emotional integrity. Do not let your partner assaults because of his emotional instability.
  • Be patient: a jealous person should treat your problem for a long time. Do not pretend that this change overnight, but rather help him carry their treatment with tranquility and confidence .
  • Go to therapy: to save the relationship of jealousy scars, it is best to go to couples therapy. Consult your physician where you can go to solve the problem.