Best WiFi routers for home : eero Home WiFi System

Best WiFi routers for home eero Home WiFi System - (1)

eero presented this week the first WiFi system couple home, a system of multiple routers that connect to each other in a wireless to generate a network of coverage that allows a good WiFi connection anywhere in the house no matter where you are located. (Best WiFi routers for home : eero Home WiFi System)

The eero system is easy to configure using the dedicated application. Computers use software that will be updated automatically, adding new features, improving and providing greater security problems.

Has very good design and can be placed anywhere in the house without clash with the decor.

The system is based on a simple premise, you can not expect a single WiFi router cover the entire surface of a home, because the WiFi radio waves collide with walls that generate cuts. With multiple access points will always be near a router without the need for a costly Ethernet system via cables as used by large office buildings.

Eero routers are easy to install using the eero application via Bluetooth. During installation the application of eero offer advice on places where you need to locate for optimal performance.

The system provides a function for easy access to guests using the application, which can generate a separate special keywords, to keep the main keyword privately guest network. Key data can be shared with guests using the application and simple as sending a text message.

The new system eero WiFi is available in the United States through the company website and through Amazon, you can buy a pack of three eero for $ 499 or a single computer for $ 199. The application can be downloaded via the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Best WiFi routers for home eero Home WiFi System - (2)
eero Home WiFi System

Best WiFi routers for home eero Home WiFi System - (1)
eero Home WiFi System (Pack of 3)

About the Product

  • Finally, WiFi that actually works
  • Eliminates buffering and dead zones in even the hardest-to-reach corners
  • Three eeros cover the typical home – but add more as your needs change
  • We recommend one eero for every 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Required for setup: compatible iOS or Android phone, Internet service, modem