What is the best WinRAR or Winzip compressor?


In the world of compression software WinRAR and Winzip are 2 well-known Internet survivors, who have years competing against each other to be the best, adding constant updates and more features that made them the most used today, but Which is the best among this two great titans of compression.

Today you will see different points that you must take into account when choosing one or the other.

Differences between WinRAR and Winzip

First of all, each one works with several formats in this case Winzip wins by using many more which are: ARC, ARJ, ZIP, ZIPX, 7Z, B64, BZ, BZ, BZ2, CAB, EXE, GZIP, HQX, HWX, IMG, ISO, LHA, LZH, MIM, RAR, TAR, TAZ, TBZ, tbz2, TGZ, TZ, UU, UUE, XXE and Z.

However, Winrar can work formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR , GZ, GZIP, BZ2, BZ2, ACE, UUE, JAR, ISO, 7Z and Z. Which for a standard user is more than enough

Now talking about compression, “the original file size and after the compression” WinRAR wins the game for a few Kbs that the larger the file the more you notice the difference, another factor to be taken into account with regarding this is the speed with which the file is compressed that in this case Winzip wins being up to 10% faster compressing than the WinRAR.

In the performance or consumption of resources Winzip is the recommended one for old computers since the minimum requirements are a little lower than the WinRAR but the difference is minimal, to choose between one or the other can be complicated, however, both are good options and the best is that they are free.