Bill Gates: His Fascinating Life and Career | Business and Success Story

Bill Gates: His Fascinating Life and Career - Business and Success Story -
Bill Gates: His Fascinating Life and Career - Business and Success Story -

Bill Gates back in the news after his old friend and chief executive of the company, Steve Ballmer, has announced his departure from Microsoft without even knowing an official reason. Many people are calling Gates for the post of Ballmer as CEO, and still not ruling it is unlikely that Gates hold office personally again to be dedicated 100% to its foundation.
It’s time to take a look at life, history and grandeur of one of the most successful men in the business world.

Bill Gates was the son of a successful lawyer. Unlike its larger rival in business, Steve Jobs, Gates came from a family of high social class. At the age of 11, Gates blossomed intellectually, though not as the rest of gifted. Gates was a real headache for his parents to be a mix of highly mischievous and rebellious and shy boy. At age 13, Gates went to a private school in Seattle, Lakeside, where he discovered computers.

That was where he met Paul Allen, and they spent hours playing with computers. They were probably the first “geeks” in the history of computing, as for everyone, what they did was waste time, but those two children already had something to do with business at hand.

Young Bill Gates and higher

The school itself supported them in that crazy idea that no one else saw, is that this clever child said that computer chips would be so powerful that computers and software would become a tool not missing on every desk in every home to everyone. After finishing school, Gates entered Harvard, where he met Steve Ballmer (the person who has recently resigned as CEO of Microsoft), but Harvard was too small to Gates, which was only a couple years, before finally dropping out of college to create Microsoft with Paul Allen.

Microsoft began in New Mexico, and it was not until 1979 that the company would move to Washington. His partner, Paul Allen was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) in 1982 and was forced to leave the company. But eventually recovered from his illness, he never returned to rejoin the company. Steve Ballmer was the first manager who was Microsoft, and probably was the one who had the idea to buy the Q-DOS operating system from a technology company Seattle.

It was when IBM hired Microsoft to be the supplier of operating systems and is where the rumors that Gates have closed the deal with IBM even before having the product. One way or another, the operating system became MS-DOS and quickly was the dominant operating system for PCs worldwide.

The meeting of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Although no one knows for sure when was the first meeting between these two titans of business, according to the biography by Walter Isaacson, it was in the late 70s when they could have their first meeting and where they began a pretty good relationship, the type “I made it, you offer me …. ‘producing all kinds of exchange of ideas, as Steve Jobs was making the first Macintosh and needed a software developer for the Mac.
In 1983, it emerged the great plan of Bill Gates when he announced his great creative secret Windows. When Jobs learned was when he went mad, then he claimed that Gates stole their idea, copied them to the product and ultimately defrauded them.
It tells the story, according to some testimonies of those present, that Gates initially denied not “stolen” the idea of Apple, ensuring some sources that Gates shrugged and said:
“Apple stole from Xerox, so nothing happens if Apple steals Microsoft “ .
Microsoft released the Windows market and trading went public in 1986 as a joint venture to be a product which at the time was considered a likely future without passing fashion. Some visionaries studied the company and its prospects and did not hesitate to invest in it. In the next 10 years, Microsoft made more than 10,000 millionaires thanks to the strong appreciation of their actions.
The increase in shares was because Gates was building a monopoly in a market with clear growth.Today, Microsoft shares have gained more than 33,000% since 1986.
In 1994, Gates married a Microsoft employee, Melinda French , his current wife (Melinda Gates) with whom he has three children and current co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which they say has been the person take charge of the humanitarian side of Gates.
In 1995 , Gates became the richest man in the world, and had the title virtually all years, until it was overtaken by the Mexican Carlos Slim, although some say that practically gave it to pursue other interests.
In 1997, Apple began to revive, and Gates has invested 150 million in the company. He announced investment in a giant screen and received boos from the audience.
In 1998, Microsoft was put on trial for abuse of monopoly in software, in a show trial and showing a picture of Bill Gates over mobster businessman. Gates went from being an admired businessman to become a very hated person in certain groups.
Some say, that he burned emotionally Bill Gates, and it was not the same. In the year 2008 became the non-executive chairman of Microsoft in an attempt to break away from the daily life of the company, although the competition that no mistake that Microsoft remains the company Gates and remain warns into account their opinions and advice.
In 2004 , Gates joined the board of Berkshire Hathaway , the investment company headed by investor Warren Buffett , a person who came to inspire Gates again in a few moments when I thought I could not learn anything more. ( Bill Gates: 3 things I learned from Warren Buffett ) Finally have become very good friends.
Although Gates will be responsible for managing the integration of the person who will serve as CEO of Microsoft, Gates thinks only continue to change the world with his foundation at present, believing that there are many things to change in whatHe defined as a focus capitalism .