BITCOIN ORBITS BEYOND $ 12,000 PER COIN | Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Today the main crypto active (Cryptocurrency) market reached a record high of $12,366, with a market capitalization of $ 202.5 billion.

Bitcoin reached its historical peak first in the main Korean exchange houses (Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit), where it even surpassed 13 thousand dollars. Another platform that presented an above-average value was the Chinese BTCC with the BTC / USD pair.

After this, it exceeded 12 thousand dollars in the general market, with a market capitalization of more than $ 200 billion, more than the US telecommunications company Verizon. Its dominance over altcoin was after that 56%.

Bitcoin’s historical maximum. Source: CoinMarketCap

This increase in Bitcoin is very likely due to the proximity of the sale of several future contracts based on it since on December 10 the CBOE will include them in its offer, followed by the CME on December 18.


Other market currencies have increased their value on the last day, among which IOTA, Monero and Stellar standout. The first was increased by the launch of its data market, which concentrates large global companies such as Bosch and Fujitsu. This impulse managed to place it at number 4 of CoinMarketCap.

Monero, for his part, recently made public a project called Coral Reef, which allows the purchase of products from different musicians with the cryptocurrency, and an offer of 15% in most of them.

Finally, Stellar has increased more than 20% of its value by the official launch of SatoshiPay with this currency. A little less than a month ago the startup announced that due to the congestion and high commission costs of the Bitcoin network, the currency with which this service originally operated, they would adopt Stellar Lumens as their payment method, as this platform can confirm the faster transactions. In addition, because its commission cost is low, the XLM blockchain is a better option for making micropayments.

Stellar has had a very positive performance recently, as it was the fourth currency with the highest growth in the last week. This increase was due to the fact that the cold portfolio provider Ledger included it in its platform. Before this, the offer of services of storage of this currency was little and many users chose not to acquire it.

The market has shown a very positive behaviour today and most altcoins have increased their price, an event that increases the global market capitalization; which already exceeds 364 billion dollars.