Although we had time knowing most specifications of the new BlackBerry Priv even had several details that were still unknown. Therefore, after the phone has gone on sale today in several countries like the United States, Canada and Britain we can finish complete its specification sheet and get an idea of what is offered to us.

This is a very important device for the Canadian company, because as we said once could be one of their last opportunities in the smartphone market. Therefore, the analysis published baked coinciding with its launch also help us to get an idea about how much has been successful with its new BlackBerry mobile.


5.43 inches and sliding physical keyboard

BlackBerry Priv: this is the expected landing in Android BlackBerry -

With the design of the BlackBerry device it has decided to swim upstream on the proposals of other high-end manufacturers. It has done battle forgetting to make a thin device, and this has enabled it to implement hallmark of a sliding physical keyboard that almost all other manufacturers seemed to have forgotten.

It has not done merely to put a keyboard and that’s it, but giving it a repertoire of interesting options. With this you can configure keyboard shortcuts for when you stay down a key or start writing no more to search. The keyboard also serves as a touch panel, including implementing the use of the double-click.

Bet of the Canadian manufacturer has also gone through to a comfortable phone in hand, according to preliminary analysis and it shows in both rounded back as from the front in the style of Galaxy S6 Edge. These rounded edges do not affect the grip, and this is partly due to a back finished in a soft touch material but that grips well in hand, but they say that makes it a magnet for fingerprints.

BlackBerry Priv: this is the expected landing in Android BlackBerry - tinoshare.comMoreover, we found a 5.43-inch screen size very chord by which today tend to bet other manufacturers, and QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Its size is 147 x 77, 2 x 9.4 mm, a size implying a tight at the top and bottom frames. To give you an idea it is virtually on par with the LG G4, which has dimensions of 148.9 x 76.1.

The cameras instead left a bittersweet taste, because in the front we find a 2-megapixel leaving the Priv quite out of the competition, while in the front we find a 18-megapixel f / 2.2 flash dual LED quite powerful, but which say it is a little slow. We will have to wait for us to put hands on to see how true it is.

Good power, but doubts software


Priv BlackBerry hardware we already knew of his run for a few weeks, and has a processor Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage internal that we can expand up to 2 TB using a memory card. Perhaps a risky move considering that we are a few months to start seeing new Snapdragon across the high end, but it seems that the raw power is not the trump card that the manufacturer wants to play.

His trick is to position itself well in the business environment by providing security and privacy. For that Android 5.1.1 will implement their own security suite, DTEK, and although no details also claim to have strengthened the Linux kernel operating system of Google.

QHD screen with a 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and a density of 540 dpi the battery capacity is an important factor to ensure a good autonomy. In this regard, not having gone to play in the battle for thinness BlackBerry has been able to implement one of 3,410 mAh, which was accompanied by Quick Charge 2.0 and Qi wireless charging.

BlackBerry Priv: this is the expected landing in Android BlackBerry -

In Engadget we have said on more than one occasion that the Priv could be the last chance for BlackBerry smartphones in the market. In the first analysis means the device comes out pretty well stopped, but also mentioned a few drawbacks in that BlackBerry will have to work.

The first is the software, which it says it is full of good ideas but half executed. Apparently the layer of customization is not quite polished, and the operating system device even has the occasional bug that shows that BlackBerry is still a little green in his conversion to the new system.

In any case, not some imperfections that can be patched software or other small details like their cameras seem to be the major problem for this device. Which suggests that going to be your burden is the price. Not that it’s much higher than other flagships, but it is sufficient to take back more than one.


Price and Availability

BlackBerry had just confirmed that its new device would go on sale today in the United States, Canada and Britain, but n or have news on his arrival in Spain or the rest of the market. Still, it is rumored that this could be the end of this month.

What we do know is that its official price in Europe will be 779 euros, as we have said will make it difficult to get to compete with other more established brands in the market for high-end devices Android.


BlackBerry Priv: this is the expected landing in Android BlackBerry -
BlackBerry Priv: this is the expected landing in Android BlackBerry –