With the new BMW 7 Series, BMW offers a new definition for the experiences that are experienced at the wheel of a luxury car, exclusive and forward-looking. With technologies that represent a benchmark in terms of the use of lightweight materials, propulsion units, chassis, and use of functions including smart grids, the new luxury sedan aims to redefine the pleasure of driving and comfort level. BMW approaches the generational change of its top model to present a number of innovations that are unmatched in the market.

Polymer reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP) in the body structure, engines in a new generation of BMW Engine Group, the plug-in electric hybrid system of the new BMW 740e, active chassis system Executive Drive Pro, the Experience Control with Adaptive Driving Experience Control mode and laser lights – BMW manages to increase the dynamism, efficiency, comfort and safety of driving. The maximum level of comfort occupying the rear seats is explained by the exclusive equipment Executive Lounge with massage function and Vitality program. Then there is the panoramic glass roof Sky Lounge, Light Carpet Welcome lighting, ambient light and also a support for smartphones with inductive charging station stream add.

Extending the iDrive system with a Command Touch touchscreen and gesture control function of BMW, the new Head-Up Display, the new warning system side traffic, assistant direction and guidance on a rail, the active role of side impact protection, the system Surround View with 3D imaging, as well as the park function by remote control, provide various technological cherries on the use of functions and driver assistance.

Yes, the design:. Defined style, superior dynamism and elegance exclusive! An Attractive ones!!!

Design of BMW 7 Series achieved authentically stage character of the new car. The harmonious proportions, taut forms and crisp surfaces drawn lines express an unmistakable style that manifests itself through an image of great poise, outstanding dynamics and exclusive elegance.The characteristic style of the two versions of the luxury saloon, either with regular wheelbase or more distance between them, expresses an optimized balance between driving pleasure and a high level of comfort on long journeys.

The shapes of the carrier are determined by the prevalence of lines and horizontal surfaces, the vast spaciousness, ergonomic orientation of the driver’s command post, fine materials and craftsmanship of lofty, too, for the extraordinary functionality of all display elements and control. When it launches to the market the new BMW 7 Series M Sport package and Design Pure lines BMW Individual Design Excellence and Composition will also be offered. With these finishes they are specifically emphasize the dynamic qualities of the car and its exclusive elegance or luxurious environment, achieving satisfy the most diverse requirements from customers around the world.

“At BMW we are convinced that the best way to predict the future is to help set it up,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group design. “The primary goal during the development phase of the new model was to create a modern luxury object, able to exceed the expectations of our customers.According to BMW, modern luxury is based on the most advanced and also in a special care for details technologies. The BMW 7 Series is the latest generation of the most luxurious, comfortable and more perfect than we have ever made in this category. ”


BMW Efficient Lightweight: Carbon Core. Reduces the car’s weight by up to 130 kilograms

EfficientLightweight Thanks to BMW, the weight of the various models of the new BMW 7 Series is up to 130 kilograms less the weight of the previous generation models. One of the priorities is the body with Carbon Core structure, which is the result of beneficial technology transfer and applied in BMW i cars. The new BMW 7 Series is the first car in its class that features pieces of CFRP produced industrially, combined with steel and aluminum. Thanks to this clever combination of materials, the passenger cell is more solid and rigid; while it was possible to reduce the weight of the car.


Six-cylinder in-line, last generation.

In models of the new BMW 7 Series V8 engine optimized, and various engines inline six that belong to the latest generation of BMW Group thrusters mounted. All engines are combined as standard with eight-speed Steptronic box also optimized. The intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive, which is offered as optional equipment, has a degree of efficiency improved.


Dynamism and maximum comfort, made to measure.

The advanced technology of high-quality chassis and several complementary chassis control systems, including standard or offered as an option, manage to increase the dynamism and comfort models new BMW 7 Series. At the same time, the balance between these two factors that define the pleasure of driving, reaches a level hitherto unknown in the segment of luxury saloons.Standard equipment includes an air suspension system in both axes with level control function and the system dynamic damping control.

With Integral Active Steering improved and now also optionally combined with all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive, and also with the premiere of the Executive Drive Pro system with active anti-roll is achieved further enhance comfort, dynamism and poise of the new The BMW 7 Series electromechanical drive roll bars further reduce the inclination of the car by drawing curves at high speed. Furthermore, the system of active chassis control adapts the damping adjustment to irregularities of the roadway.

Recent innovations allow the driver to more freely select the setting you prefer. You can choose an even sportier handling of your car or prefer a higher level of comfort, but can also choose the more efficient ECO PRO mode. With the new adjustment selector Driving Experience Control, now you can activate the ADAPTIVE mode. If this mode is selected, the setting changes automatically depending on driving style and also depending on the course of the road.


Using intuitive touch-display and function control by gestures BMW.

In the new BMW 7 Series touch screen version aboard the iDrive control system opens. With this Touch Display, the user can have a terminal operating as terminals of electronic devices that are used to using. Besides being able to continue using the Controller command button, the functions can also be selected and activated by touching the screen surface.

Additionally, the iDrive control system is extended by BMW function control through gestures. A 3D sensor detects the movements made by hand to control particularly intuitive and comfortable system functions infotainment way. Among others, they can be made gestures to regulate the volume of the audio system, or to accept or reject incoming phone calls. In addition there is the possibility of linking certain gestures defined user selectable functions. Another novelty is the support for mobile phones integrated into the center console. It is a unit for the first time in a car, can recharge the phone wirelessly through induction circuit.


Luxury environment: Executive Lounge, Touch Command.

With the Executive Lounge option, designed to redefine the individual well in a car belonging to the luxury segment, is unmatched comfort that is enjoyed traveling in the rear seats of the BMW models 750Li xDrive, BMW 730Ld xDrive and BMW 730Ld. This trim level includes a four-zone climate control, rear comfort seats, electrically adjustable with massage function, active ventilation system on all seats, plus optional equipment Executive Lounge Seating, Executive Lounge center console as well as Fond-Entertainment Experience with BMW Touch Command. The massage function is expanded for the first time by Vitality program, which the occupants of the back seats have a system of physical regeneration through active training.

The Executive Lounge Seating option increases comfort in the rear seat that is behind the front passenger seat. This seat can be horizontally moved 90 millimeters forward and also their support houses a retractable footrest electrically. In addition, the rear seat occupant can rest his back almost horizontally, so that takes an extremely relaxing posture.

The Executive Lounge console includes a folding table, additional cupholders and additionally Command Touch tablet. This unit with 7-inch screen lets you control the functions of information, entertainment and comfort available on the rear seats of the new BMW 7 Series also serves to listen to music or watch videos loading external files, or can be used as console games or surf the Internet.


Pleasant environment: ambient light, glass sunroof Sky Lounge.

The exclusive atmosphere that prevails in the interior of the new BMW 7 Series is also the result of a careful selection of light sources in the cockpit. The ambient light option includes for the first time, light Carpet Welcome Light, which generates a graphic image light in the door, visible when entering the car or leave it. Ambient light of the long versions of the new BMW 7 Series is also unique. Specifically, it is incorporated light sources vertically in the B-pillars, which create a pleasant light in the rear of the interior.

For long versions of the new BMW 7 Series the panoramic glass roof Sky Lounge, unique in the segment of luxury saloons offered. For this embodiment the roof several modules LEDs mounted laterally generate light that is distributed homogeneously in the glass surface after dark, leaving visible a printed graphic on the glass. This way you can see an image that resembles the sky full of stars.

Another option designed to increase the feeling of being on board is the system of ventilation Environmental Ambient Air, with an air ionization it occurs and also a scent that the user can select from eight different fragrances spreads. Moreover, the new Diamond Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, especially designed according to the characteristics of the interior of the new BMW 7 Series ensures superb sound quality.


World premiere in the new BMW 7 Series. Parking by remote control

The new BMW 7 Series is the world’s first car manufactured in series that can execute maneuvers in and out of garages or parking spaces in battery, without the driver is in the car. The option to park with remote control comfortably takes advantage especially tight spaces to park the car. Using the new key with display, the driver activates the opposite function to enter a parking space and backing out of it. BMW executes the corresponding semi-automatically maneuvering, while the driver is fixed obstacles.


Unparalleled in the segment of luxury saloons. Laser light BMW

BMW laser light that does not dazzle thanks to the BMW Selective Beam technology, already used in the BMW i8 is a novelty in the segment luxury saloon. This light is offered as an alternative to LED headlamps the new BMW 7 Series comes as standard. Laser light headlights generate a particularly intense and very white light. Laser Light headlamps double the range of the headlights, LED light reaching a distance of 600 meters with the main beams.


More comfort and safety through innovative driver assistance systems from BMW ConnectedDrive.

The Driving Assistant Plus system is extended by the functions of steering assistance and guidance in the lane assistance of stay in the lane with side impact protection of preventing collisions at the rear and side warning traffic. In accordance with the criterion of semiautomatic driving, driving assistant for traffic delays it can be used on streets and highways of all kinds. By using the system of active cruise control with Stop & Go function, simply press a button to automatically assume that the car speed limits detected by the Speed Limit Info function. The new generation of the Surround View system now also includes a representation in the Control Display of 3D display as well as the panoramic picture Panorama View.


Manufacture in BMW plant in Dingolfing. Unique experience in the world in relation to the use of lightweight materials.

The new BMW 7 Series is manufactured, like all its predecessors, the BMW plant in Dingolfing. On this level it has extensive experience in manufacturing luxury saloons and, moreover, have deep knowledge about the use of lightweight materials. Within the global production network of the BMW Group, BMW Plant Dingolfing is the competence center for aluminum. Additionally, this plant is now the world’s first automotive sector using CFRP in combination with other materials in the body.




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