BMW | UFH Heisenberg XF1| Electric Bikes -
BMW | UFH Heisenberg XF1| Electric Bikes -

Today we recognize that we have marveled with the solution, BMW has prepared and has offered several manufacturers of electric bicycles to materialize commercially. This is a suspension system damping and fusing electric motor, and including an arm capable of ensuring a distance of up to 15 centimeters for the rear wheel.

The patent born under the BMW i series (and thus can be read in the table) it will be released in the market thanks to the collaboration of HNF manufacturer in electric bike Heisenberg Heisenberg HNF XF1 at a price even higher than we are accustomed the high-end electric bikes. There are 8,345 euros unattainable for many . In Germany, by the way, it is now on sale.

In any case, you can not say we are not used to long for what today is a technological fad to become the future in a more affordable contribution. For the new suspension system BMW i, directly attacks one of the drawbacks of electric bikes like rear damping systems.

BMW | UFH Heisenberg XF1| Electric Bikes -

The prototype allows the engine to float freely, yet maintains a uniform tension to a belt carbon fiberor without additional mechanisms. This also opens the way for the first time the combination of rear suspension and belt electric bicycles , further enhancing the experience and management pedaling bicycle.

The list of advantages of BMW and HNF Heisenberg go according to price, providing greater stability to the pedaling through a box that also exudes strength, without losing traction at any time regardless of the terrain that us travel, given the benefits of the swing arm.

BMW | UFH Heisenberg XF1| Electric Bikes -

Moreover, regarding the technical specifications of Bosch engine delivers classical Heisenberg XF1250 W that are fed under the same German technology with a battery of 400 Wh, which ends up providing you with 130 km of autonomy in attendance.

Strap, main protagonist in transmission, will made in carbon fiber, which allows a 20% reduction in its mass increases the chances in operation and less quebradedros head in regards to maintenance. Its polyurethane coating also guarantees an extra rust resistance.

As you can read, BMW has also offered this patent to other manufacturers. We’ll see if the 2016 Eurobike months after this new and great contribution to cycling ends assisted infecting other brands.

BMW | UFH Heisenberg XF1| Electric Bikes -

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