These days we have seen several projects have focused on disclosing or making a critique of the content we see daily in Instagram, as the truth behind the photos Instagram by Chompoo Baritone and ‘Barbie Hipster’ makes a satire on the Instagram annoying publications .

Today we find “Broken India” (India broken), a stunning series of images showing the stark reality behind the beautiful photos and trimmed stylized Indian publishing in Instagram. This campaign created by Limitless , an Indian technology company based in Singapore , intends to challenge the beautiful picture showing in ‘ Beautiful India ‘, revealing extreme poverty and pollution plaguing the country.

The series has received two positive and negative responses, possibly because it focuses only in India. However, the company explained that the series created in order to draw attention to the negativity shown in the pictures, and bring about positive change.

“With Broken India, really want to play a chord,” he said Limitless to Buzzfeed. “Only when the people realize the state of things and get out of your comfort zone is when they start changing.” They add: ” A bit of negativity is essential for positive change. “


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