Business plan: Restaurant | Things You Should Consider


Devote to the restoration can be a profitable investment whenever you choose target you have a reasonable cooking skills and, especially, you offer the customer an exquisite treatment. Of course, be prepared to lead a business slaughtered.

If you want to open a restaurant, the first thing to do is to assess the potential success of the business.  Do not vacuum sets without doing this first step, most companies often fail precisely because they validate the feasibility of the idea. To do this, we must take into account the characteristics of the catering sector and, especially, the investment required to finance the business.

Make a business plan at least one year, it will help to establish the items you need to start and reach breakeven.  The purchase or rent of the premises will be the initial expenditure increased investment required.  Ricardo Villanueva, tax consultant the Madrid Association of Restaurants and Cafes, said “if you purchased locally, the investment will rise considerably, depending on the area and the size. If you choose to rent, the rent can be around 3,000 euros. ”


Villanueva believes that “it is advisable, if possible, buy local”. By contrast, José Luis Casero, legal adviser of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, advised “rent to avoid running out cash that will address other expenses”. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your possibilities and the risks you are willing to assume. If you decide to rent, assesses the reforms that have to make (order several budgets) and consider whether to allow you to develop the idea that you had in mind.

Another major expense is the face of the purchase of machinery. You will need industrial-type items such as cold rooms, kitchen, freezer, oven, kitchen utensils, coffee machine, register, etc. According to Maria Jose Perez, tax and accounting advisor for the hospitality association of Madrid’s Vineyard, “all materials, including furniture, can cost between 42,070 and 60,100 euros, although it is cheaper if it is second-hand “.

In the business plan you should take into account other costs such as incorporation and agency, purchase of furniture, purchase of gender and stock, staff costs and social security, taxes and working capital that you must keep until you start income. Therefore, the initial investment you should add at least 20% of these expenses to cover contingencies.

But do not be discouraged by the amount of payments that have to empezar. 36,000 euros plus the cost of renting the premises may be sufficient to create a cozy restaurant seats about twenty.

Calculate profitability.  Once certain expenses, you have to estimate the benefits that you get to calculate whether or not the business will be profitable.  A restaurant is profitable if you get an income at least double the cost invested in the necessary products for cooking. For calculating the necessary provisions, determine the number of tables of local shifts of food if you’re only going to offer restaurant service and also a cafeteria, the number of hours you’ll open the business, etc.





In hospitality diary product supply is essential, so you should go see what is consumed every day to replenish. However, some products can be kept in stock because they are not perishable. Ricardo Villanueva advised to “buy the largest possible stock of certain products such as alcoholic beverages, when an attractive price is achieved.”

The restaurant, the tables and turns

José María Pérez explains that “at a minimum, the room should be 50 or 60 m2, although smaller premises have been licensed.” But to recoup the initial investment, at least five tables (for four people each),  and fold are needed in food and dinner.

Features business

Open a restaurant that offers meals only or mixed café-restaurant business will depend on the audience that you address, and the local area where it is located.

Experts advise to maximize business opportunities and diversify services. For Maria Jose Perez, “we have the more services and longer hours the business is open, the easier it will cover the fixed costs. ” However, if you intend to create an upscale restaurant, which does not suit also snacks or tapas. There are no golden rules for success in this business, everything depends on what you want to offer and to whom you offer it.

The menu

Ricardo Villanueva explains that “can put a price rise margin menu after subtracting the cost of development, but without losing sight of the competition to not lose potential customers.” It is a mistake to charge the menu 11 euros if in the area rarely exceeds seven.  The best weapon, especially in the beginning, is a good value.  So you go gaining fame among customers.


The accounting

If you have knowledge of accounting, it is best that the trust an expert, agency or autonomous administrative; charges shall not be too high. This is especially advisable if the restaurant is constituted as a company because its accounting is more complex. If it runs a self-contained, will depend on whether it receives the tax treatment of direct estimation or modules because, Villanueva explains, “in the first case, more complex, you have to keep track of expenses and revenues to date for the job does not accumulate before each quarterly statement. The accounting modules is simpler, simply having counted the bills at the end of the year. ” But if you want to take yourself accounting, you agree that your computer has a spreadsheet program and invoicing in euros. Although the best program is updated annually accounting.