Soviet Space Shuttles Abandoned in Kazakhstan


It’s not just Shuttle but it is a History of the human being there on the top of your head firsts.

This images describes how was this discovered and you are able to see the difference between USA’s and Russians. I want to mention that this is a glory for the nation and much enough resources governments wasted on this to make it a history.

Russian photographer, Ralph Mirebs, traveled to Baikonur, Kazakhstan to document an abandoned hangar that resides in Kazakhstan. Inside the hangar, which has been inoperative for the last 20 years, remain two Soviet Space shuttle prototypes in decaying conditions. An aerial view of the abandoned hangar in Kazakhstan is pictured.

The abandoned hangar is left from the discontinued Soviet/ Russian Buran space program that was discontinued in 1993. A view of the engine from one of the shuttles found in the hangar.