Champions Forever | Life through Boxing | Documentary Movie


Five champions along for the last time! Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton. For quite twenty years, these kings of boxing dominated the ring as they passed the globe heavyweight title from one to the opposite. Now, for the primary time, see all return face to face–gloves off–in an unprecedented  video event, hosted by Reggie Jackson. In “Champions Forever,” you’ll discover the real men behind the legends, uncover the hidden anguish and secret passions that drove them to greatness. Hear them cite themselves–and every other–with shocking candor. live the foremost thrilling moments from dozens of their greatest bouts and listen to the fascinating truth regarding however these legends felt after they square off to try and do battle. this can be not like any sports video you’ve ever seen, an exciting, emotional odyssey through the awful careers of 5 larger than life heroes who, for voluminous us, can invariably be “Champions Forever.”