How to change the display name in Gmail

In this tutorial, we will explain how to change the display name in Gmail. The name to be changed with the following steps is the one that is displayed when sending a message, your recipient will see the name that you have configured when they receive a message from you.

To rename your Gmail account simply follow the steps below.

Steps to change the display name in Gmail

First, on the top of the mail tray on the right, there is a wheel shape button. Click on that and several options will be displayed, one of them says ” Settings” we choose that:

How to enable IMAP and POP in GmailThen here we go to the tab that says “Accounts and import”, (below the option marked in red) at the end says “Edit information” , we click there:

How to change the display name in GmailA new window will appear (Above Image) in which we will put the collation in the second option in which it has the blank field (now it is, in that text field we put the new name that we want to put it and then we click on “save changes“.

When you do change that, your recipients will be able to see your modified name when they receive your messages.

That was it. Simple right? Leave a comment in case you need a help.

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