How to change the language of Google Chrome (Step by step) – Solution

Change Language in Chrome

In this article, I explain step by step how to change the language of Google Chrome. This is very common when we download and install Google Chrome in English and we want to change it later to our own language. For the luck of many, this inconvenience is easy to solve without needing to uninstall the browser and download and install it again.

Note:  This tutorial for Google Chrome Version 59.0 (58, 59.0.3071.115 and above)

Just to enter the configuration/settings of this browser and make some changes the problem would be solved. Note that no matter what language you have in the browser, the process is the same.

Steps to change the language of Google Chrome

At the top right corner where the three lines or 3 points  (depends on the version of Chrome you have), click there and then click where it says “Setting“.

How to turn off notifications in Google ChromeThen click on “Show advanced settings” or Advanced (If you have an older version).

How to turn off notifications in Google ChromeThen in the section that says “Languages” click on the arrow.

Change Language in Chrome

Then a box will open with the Languages. Select the one and click on 3 dots (circled) and tick the “Display Google Chrome in this Language

Change Language in Chrome

You can add other languages by clicking the “Add Languages” and then find and tick it.

Change Language in Chrome

After doing this process click on the button at the bottom right that says “Add”. Then to make the changes you only need to restart the browser and you will have your Google Chrome browser in your preferred language.

If you still can not change the language in Google Chrome these steps are likely to be because the version of the browser you have is very old or because it is a modified version of Chrome. In that case, I recommend you uninstall it and install it again in your preferred language.