change and migrate gmail account

If you are going to change your Gmail account for a new one, we explain how to do it in simple steps so that you do not lose your mails or your contacts. It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes to complete the whole process thanks to this trick to import the information between your accounts.

1: Access your Email Settings

The first thing you have to do if you want to migrate your emails and not lose anything is to login with the new account. Once you are inside, select the Settings icon that appears in the upper right area and then click on Settings.

change and migrate gmail account

This trick of Gmail only works when you do it from a computer, since in mobile the options that appear are usually different.

Within the options of your mail there are many and very interesting. You can modify the look of them, add a signature and many more alternatives offered by Google Mail. Worth wasting time to review them all.

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2: Select to import emails from another account

In the top navigation bar select Accounts and Import. In this section is where you should click on Import mail and contacts, the option you are looking for right now.

change and migrate gmail account

Make sure you know the password of the account you leave, otherwise you will not be able to complete the process. It is not unusual that if you do not use it, you’ll never forget it.

You can also change the Gmail password or modify the security of your account.

3: Sign in to your account

Once you have selected the option to import and migrate all your emails and contacts to the new Gmail account, a pop-up window will open.

change and migrate gmail account

In the same you have to enter your old email address and the password. Once you have completed the process you are also asked what exactly you want to migrate to your new mail. Check all the options that appear and continue.

When you finish, the actual migration between the two accounts will begin. It may take a while, depending on how much information and data you have to move. When everything is done, you can close your old Gmail account.

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  1. I’ve had a Verizon email for years. Now they are stopping their email accounts. First suggestion was if you went with AOL you would keep your address. That is what i did. Not happy with AOL so would like to open a Gmail account. My question. Email addresses from my outlook express windows mail on my computer were not transfered to AOL, only the ones from (which was no where near to all of them). If I go with Gmail can/will those contacts from my Outlook Express be transfered to my gmail account? Thanks you.
    Nancy Miller