How to change Wi-Fi password Huawei HG530 modem – Solution

Change Wi-Fi modem password Huawei HG530

In this article I will explain how to change the Wi-Fi password on a Huawei HG530 modem, no matter which ISP company it is, the process is the same. This equipment is quite simple and it has several telecommunications companies. To configure, just follow the instructions below.

You can see the Wi-Fi key on the back of the modem along with the name of the wireless network, it would look something like the following image:


Change Wi-Fi modem password Huawei HG530

If that key or network name does not appear in the list of available wireless networks simply what you have to do is reset the modem. You do this by pressing the button that is located in the source connector and the 4 LANs.

Huawei HG530

And after there is that small hole that you see in the picture above (Bottom left the 3rd one). You might need a needle for that. Put it and press and hold it for several seconds. After that, you would already have the same key and network name behind the modem.

Change Wi-Fi Modem Key Huawei HG530

If you just want to change the key/password what you have to do is connect via a network cable to the modem with your PC/laptop. Then open the browser and enter your default gateway and then press ENTER. Your default gateway is usually or or If you do not know which one is yours you can read How to know the IP of my PC and the default gateway that explains how to find out.

addressThen press ENTER and you will see a box that will ask for a user name and password, the username and password that you would have to change depending on which ISP your modem belongs to, try the following:

User Password
Admin Admin
Root 12345
MAC modem MAC modem


With MAC modem I mean a code that says MAC Address that is on the back of the modem. This you have to put it exactly as it is written in the equipment, including that the same one in the capital letter.

After you enter you will see the configuration page of the modem, on the left side there is a menu, go to Basic-> Wireless LAN. There you will find the Wi-Fi setup part:


Change Wi-Fi modem password Huawei HG530

If it does not appear to you this is because you have the old interface which is like the following:

Change Wi-Fi modem password Huawei HG530

After all, it’s the same with different designs

  • Where it says “SSID” is where the name of the Wi-Fi network goes, you can put the one you want, preferably one that you have not had before.
  • In the option that says Security or Authentication type is where you put the type of security of the network.
  • Where it says Pre Shared Key or Shared Key is where you will put your Wi-Fi password. It must be from 8 to 63 characters.
  • Where it says encryption you put TKIP + AES.

Then click the button at the bottom that says “Submit” or “Apply” or “Save” at the bottom to save the changes made. Then the modem will possibly restart and when you go up you’ll have everything ready.