Change Wi-Fi Password on Huawei HG532e Modem/Router


In this article, I explain how to change the name and password of the Wi-Fi Huawei HG532e router/modem. The Wi-Fi configuration/setting of this device is similar to the Huawei HG531 V1 since both usually bring the same software and this makes the steps are the same.

To start the configuration/setting, you must have the computer from which you are going to make the configuration/setting to avoid loss of connection during the process by means of a network cable to the modem.

Then, from the browser’s address bar, type and press ENTER. You will be presented with a page in which you must authenticate with a username and password.

If you can not enter the address, try 

In the username as in the password, you must put the Mac Address of the modem that is specified behind it. Then click the “Log In” button below. (Or try Admin for both password and username)


You will then see the modem configuration page (setting). In the menu to the left click on “Basic” and then click where it says “WLAN“. You will see a page like the following one.

Change Wi-Fi Password on Huawei HG532e Modem RouterBasically, what you will do is modify where it says “SSID” which is the field where you can specify the network name you want to have on the Wi-Fi. Where it says Security is to choose how secure you have the network, put the same of the image.

Where it says “WPA pre-shared key” is where you will put the new password you want to have, it must be from 8 to 63 characters. On the right side, there is a link to display the password and so be sure to have it set correctly

After making these changes click on a button that is below that says “Submit” or “Save” to save the changes made.