Change Wi-Fi Password and Name of TL-WR840N Router

Change password and Wi-Fi name of router TL-WR840N

In this article, I will explain how to change the password and the Wi-Fi network name on a TP-LINK router model TL-WR840N. In most of these router models, the process is the same, the configuration does not carry any difficulty and you just have to have your computer connected directly via network cable to the modem to ensure that the process works properly.

After having the above indicated open the browser and in the address bar put and press ENTER and in a few seconds you will see a screen box that will ask for a username and a password, in both fields type Admin and then press ENTER. Then you will see a setting page, on the left side there is a menu, click on where it says Wireless and you will see the options to change the name of the wireless network:

Change password and Wi-Fi name of router TL-WR840N

Where it says “Wireless Network Name” is where you can put the name of the wireless network, you can put the one you want, to avoid future conflicts with the network, and make sure it does not contain special characters such as “*”, “/” And that only contains numbers and/or letters.

And below where it says “Mode” put the same one that I have chosen in the image, that will guarantee you more compatibility with the devices and in the two of below keep auto.

The option that also indicated in the image that is called below “Enable SSID Broadcast” is to show or to make invisible the network Wi-Fi that the devices to be able to be connected the one would have to add manually in case that box is cleared, that It would be by preference of the user, if you do not know much of this I recommend leaving it marked and then click the button that says “Save” that is below to save the changes.

Then go to Wireless-> Wireless security to change the password, when you enter there you will see the following:

Change password and Wi-Fi name of router TL-WR840N2

First check the box WPA / WPA2 – Persona (Recommended), that is the type of security of the wireless network, then below where it says version choose “WPA-PSK” and in “Encryption” choose “AES” and where it says “Wireless Password “Type the password you want, it must contain between 8 and 63 characters, after making the changes click the end button that says” Save “to save the changes. It is possible for the router to restart so that the process can be carried out, after which you can reuse your Wi-Fi on your TL-WR840N router.