Change the WiFi name and password on Huawei HG8245H modem

In this entry, I will explain step by step change the WiFi name and password on the Huawei HG8245H router. This router/modem is a fibre optic equipment which is currently available from Internet service providers in many countries.

To get started with the manual HG8245H, the first thing to do is to have your computer connected to the modem by means of a network cable to prevent you from losing the connection at the time of the name change or the password change on the network.

Steps to change the WiFi name and password on router/modem Huawei HG8245H

After this opens the browser and in the address bar where you type the name of the website you are going to write something that will vary depending on the company with which you have the Internet service which can be one of the following:

  • If you have Claro Dominicana you must put and then press ENTER.
  • If you have TELMEX Mexico you must put your PUBLIC IP address and then press ENTER. Or know your own ip by reading this “what is my IP“. If you can not enter your IP address try with
  • If you have Totalplay from Mexico you must put in the address bar of your browser and then press ENTER on your keyboard.

After doing what I indicated above you will see a page in which you will be asked for a username and password, it would be a page very similar to the next.

Change the WiFi name and password on Huawei HG8245H modemWhat you must put in the username and password will depend on each case:

If you have Claro Dominicana

In the username you must put the SN (Serial number), it is stuck on a sticker in the modem at the top or bottom. You must put the same in the username and password all in capital letters and then click where it says “Login” to enter the configuration.

If you can not find the SN, It is important to know that the SN is the same as the WiFi password that comes by default in the modem and you can search below, in front of or above the modem where it says “Wireless Key“.

Also some of these modems where the Wi-Fi key tells you there are two keys that say WEB User Name and WEB Password and those are also the username and password to enter.

If it does not work with the SN test with the Mac Address, which is also labelled above or below the modem.

If you have TELMEX Mexico

If you have TELMEX the username is “TELMEX” and the password is the serial number, it is usually on a label in front of the modem, behind, below or above. After putting that information all in capital letters click on the button that says “Login” to access the configuration page.

If you have Totalplay

If your Internet connection is from Totalplay the username is root and the password is the admin. After entering this data click on the button that says “Login“.

After putting the data and entering the modem

After entering the configuration page of the computer at the top you will see a menu click where it says “WLAN” and then you will see the configuration page of the modem.

Change the WiFi name and password on Huawei HG8245H modem

There you will change the name of the network that is where it says “SSID Name” there you put the one you want. In my case, I have “GG IZI PIZI”.

Then in “Authentication Mode” and in “Encryption Mode” you choose the same ones that have in the image and where it says “WPA PreSharedKey” you put the password you want your Wi-Fi to have, it must have more than 7 characters. After doing all that, click the button at the bottom that says “Apply” to save the changes and that’s it. You already have your password and name changed.

If you have an authentication error make sure that the new name you placed on the Wi-Fi network wants different than the previous one or delete the previous network from the list of saved networks of your devices.

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