How to change the WiFi password on the D-LINK router DIR-655

How to change the WiFi password on the D-LINK router DIR-655

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the WiFi password and the network name on the D-LINK router DIR-655. This router with 3 antennas is very easy to configure, just follow the instructions explained below.

First, so that you do not have problems while doing the configuration is necessary that you have a computer connected through a network cable to the router and that there is no other modem or router to connect. Understanding that begins with the steps.

Steps to change the WiFi name and password on the D-LINK router DIR-655

Open the browser and in the address bar type your default gateway with http://. If for example, it is you should put and then press ENTER and you will get something like the following.


That is the login page of the router. Where it says User Name you have the option to choose the user which is Admin and User. Choose Admin which is the one with the most privileges and in the field of the password leave it blank and click on the button that says “Log In“.

If leaving the password field blank does not enter, then test by entering key 1234 or 12345. If it still does not enter checks on the bottom of the modem, there must be a password to enter.

When you log in you will be presented with a D-LINK configuration page. Click where it says “SETUP” at the top, then on the left side click where it says “WIRELESS SETTING“.

Then click the button in the bottom centre that says “Manual Wireless Network Setup“.

Clicking on that button will show you the part where you can change the name and password.

Explaining what you need to modify on the WiFi router D-LINK DIR-655

The options mentioned below are only the most important that can vary, the others you can leave and as they are in the previous image.

Enable Wireless

That option is to deactivate or activate the WiFi.

That is the name of the wireless network. It is advisable to put a different one to the previous one and that is a name that you have not had in your WiFi network to avoid problems to connect to WiFi

Visibility Status

It is to show or hide the wireless network. It is a good option used as a security measure. This option causes others to not see the WiFi network.

Security mode

This is the type of security that is set to the wireless network. You can put WPA-Personal preference as it is the best in terms of compatibility and security. If you want the network to be more secure, but with possible compatibility problems, you can choose WPA-Enterprise. If you want the network to be as compatible as possible, but with high-security risks, you can choose WEP.

Pre-Shared Key

It is the password of the wireless network, it must be from 8 to 63 characters. Accepts letters and numbers.