How to change the WiFi password on the Thomson ST585 router


Reading this tutorial learn how to change the password and the name of the WiFi network on a Thomson ST585 router. The first thing you need to do is connect a PC via an ethernet cable to the router. Then, from the browser’s address bar, type your default gateway and press ENTER. In my case it is

Then you will see a box that will ask for a username and password. The username and password is the modem’s SN (Serial number of the modem). It is usually stuck on the top or bottom of the equipment.

The user and the password are the SN. If it does not work for you, verify that you have a user and password on a sticker at the bottom or top of the modem.

Then when you enter you will see a page with a menu on the left side. Click on “Home Network“. Then click on the name of your WiFi network that appears where it says “WLAN:”.

When you do, you will see another page that shows the data of your WiFi network. Click where it says “Configure” (option in the upper right).


Changing the WiFi network name and password on the Thomson ST585 router

When you click on “Configure” you will be presented the options that allow you to change the data of your WiFi, including the name and the password.


First, make sure that the “Interface Enable” option is checked so that WiFi is enabled. Then the options indicated in the above image correspond to the name of the network (Network Name (SSID)), type of security (Use WPA-PSK) and password (WPA-PSK Encryption Key).