Change the WiFi password on the TL-WR710N repeater router

In this tutorial, we teach you to change the password and the name of the WiFi in the TP-LINK repeater router TL-WR710N. Changing the WiFi key on this portable router is very easy. You just need to follow the steps outlined below.

The first thing to do is to connect a computer through an ethernet cable to the computer. From this computer, we will access the router and change the password of the wireless network.

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Steps to change the password and the name of the WiFi on the TL-WR710N router

Open the web browser and in the toolbar type the name of the page type and press ENTER.

If you have trouble accessing the address specified above you can then enter to access your router. If that page gives you an error then it may be because you do not have your PC connected to the router properly.

When you enter you will be presented with a page that asks for a username and password. The username that you must enter the admin and the password is also admin.

When you enter you will see the configuration panel of the router. Click “Wireless” which is located in the menu on the left. Then you’ll see the options to change some WiFi options. The option that says “SSID” is to put the name of the WiFi network. The name you put there is the one that will appear when you see the WiFi network from your mobile device or laptop.

Change the WiFi password on the TL-WR710N repeater routerWhere it says “Enable Wireless Router Radio” is to broadcast the WiFi. Also, mark the other one that is called “Enable SSID Broadcast” which is to hide or show the wireless network. Then click where it says “Save” to save the changes made.

When you already configure the network name, go to “Wireless security” to configure the password.

Change the WiFi password on the TL-WR710N repeater routerFirst, in the bottom-center section, check the box that reads “WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK“.

The option that says “version” is to establish a type of security to the WiFi network. The most recommended type of security is WPA-PSK.

Then below is “Encryption” which is the encryption of the password. You can put AES or TKIP or AES + TKIP for more security but could cause compatibility problems.

The last option called “PSK Password” is to set the WiFi password. It can be from 8 to 63 characters and can include numbers and/or letters.

With that, you would have a new WiFi name and password configured on your TL-WR710N repeater router.

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