Concept of iPhone 8 Dual Screen | Be First To See It

Concept of iPhone 8 Dual Screen | Be First To See It - -
Concept of iPhone 8 Dual Screen | Be First To See It - -

It is common to see how designers envision as the future will be the iPhone, but it is also seen that not guess right in their predictions. The concept that we bring today is an iPhone 8 and has a couple of good ideas, as the disappearance of the button start , but I think it is wrong to put the Apple logo with “iPhone” in the same area, but this is not my concept.

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The design that we see in the video is a lot like the iPhone 5 bezel, but the buttons are more minimalist looking more at that aspect to iPhone 6. But this concept of iPhone 8 still has a couple of ideas that Many would like to see in 2018.

The first one is that this iPhone 8 has two screens . One has a resolution 480p, which would allow us to double the usage time of the terminal and would consume half. The main screen of the iPhone in August would be 2K to offer many more details when the situation demands.

Having two screens, the iPhone would have only 8 camera , allowing them to include everything needed in the single chamber to enhance all images. In addition, the camera itself would make for great selfies with flash included . Moreover, by having a single camera FaceTime we could do while we show what we see.

The most realistic concept of iPhone 8 is the wireless charging . The less realistic is the laser keyboard. This iPhone would have on one side a projector that would appear a keyboard on any flat surface, allowing you to type in a similar manner to which we do with the iPad. The problem that I see with this keyboard is that the iPhone would have to be completely flat when the really interesting thing would be that the iPhone could tilt. But I repeat that this is not my concept.




Now , we know that iPhone is probably going to copy the Russian Phone’s Concept which is YOTA PHONE for the Dual Screen. How about the wireless charger? Yeah, normally Apple has to copy Samsung’s Concept. That’s what we know so far. Any ideas or suggestions?