Configuring the WiFi AV500 TL-WPA 4220 Powerline Extender


In this tutorial we will show you how to configure the TP-LINK Powerline AV500 TL-WPA 4220 WiFi repeater. This is a device that does not require a power cable, since it has the plug directly in the device. It is a widely used equipment because of its wide range and ease of use. It is one of the easiest repeaters to configure that currently exist.

This equipment comes with 3 adapters, one base that is connected to the router and two additional to repeat the signal, but you can add more in case you require it. To configure it first you need to connect the main adapter to the router through a network cable, either wirelessly or through WiFi WPS you connect the additional adapters

configurar-TL-WPA4220Things to Know about the WiFi Power Extension AV500 TL-WPA 4220

  • The repeaters come with a wireless network name and a separate password to which you can connect when you repeat the signal. However you can also clone the wireless network of the router through the WPS. For that you must have the WPS activated.
  • For it to work you must wait from 10 seconds to 1 minute to turn on the power led.
  • When you connect the adapter that goes to the router and you want to put an additional one you must use the “Pair” button to synchronize them.
  • When you connect the router and you have the repeater on you should make sure that it turns on its ethernet led to ensure that these two have a connection.
  • In case it does not work you can enter your wireless configuration in your firmware and perform a manual configuration.
  • Additional extenders have the “Pair” button at the bottom.
  • Each computer has a different Mac Address so that different wireless networks can be created in each one.